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Get more creative (and customers) online with .design

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Erik Wong

As the next generation of generic top-level domains (gTLD) continues to fundamentally transform the Internet, industry-specific domain names are causing quite a stir in their respective circles. New York city residents are capitalizing on .nyc, just as photographers, doctors and CPAs now have more industry-specific domain options. Now, if you are any one of the dozens of types of designers, it's finally your turn!

The launch of the .design domain extension is a perfect opportunity for designers of all stripes to showcase their design affinity online with a website address that ends in .design. Websites capped off with .design will grab viewers’ attention, quickly identifying your site's purpose and making it stand out among your competition.

One look at your URL will tell your potential clients exactly what you do, removing the guessing games and clunky domain names of the past.

A domain for makers

The .design domain extension was created for those who create. While primarily intended for web and graphic designers, this domain can effectively serve other industries as well. Interior decorators, fashion designers, landscapers and fabricators can all carry the banner as creative designers.

Anyone who is involved in design cares about elegant presentation and branding; with a .design address, your first impression is powerful.

You might create a website connected to a .design web address to advertise your wares or host a blog or forum to talk about the latest in web design or fashion trends. You could issue an online call for interns at your design firm with a website address like You even could create an online resume at to offer up an easily accessible sampling of your design talents.

Get creative with .design

And you don’t have to be a professional designer to benefit from a website address ending in .design. Maybe you're stumped about what to do for this year's holiday card. Imagine the templates you might find on a site named Or, I can see it now: a home improvement project turns into a trip to or to figure out the best way to optimize your living space.

And there is always my favorite option of playing word games with your domain, because I know I would spend a few dollars on a website address like just to put up a map of my neighborhood's road layout!

Protect your brand

Already have a website ending in .com or another domain extension? Great! A strong .com domain name (which isn’t so easy to snag, considering there are more than 112 million of the domains registered) is a solid investment. Still, consider picking up a .design version of your domain name. This is an effective strategy for protecting your brand, and it’s simple to direct those subdomains to your primary website.

Ready to get creative with your domain name? Start searching for the perfect .design website address.

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