Accept contactless payments via QR codes with GoDaddy Payments

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Lauren Joyner

GoDaddy Point-of-Sale and GoDaddy Payments continue to enable customers to sell anything, anywhere, but not all small business owners are ready to invest in hardware. To solve that, GoDaddy Payments is now offering a QR code feature in the GoDaddy Mobile App. This allows entrepreneurs who sell in-person to accept contactless payments with their smartphones.

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Benefits and value of using the QR code feature

At GoDaddy, we want to make life easier for small business owners and integrating payments into our already robust ecommerce offerings is part of that. But, not everyone is ready for the commitment of POS systems. So, if you’re just starting out and testing the waters of in-person selling, or an experienced seller but want more flexibility, the QR code feature might be for you.

As the world continues to change, it is more important than ever to offer value to your customers, but also ensure that you are choosing products that benefit your business as well.

Benefit 1: Easy

What could be better than easy? With the QR code feature in GoDaddy Payments, no additional device is needed! Just grab your smartphone and let your customer scan it. There is no need to exchange devices or cards, making it a contactless experience.

Benefit 2: Fast

You’ll get paid in just a few taps. When things get busy you don’t want customers to wait around to pay. The QR code will allow your customers to pay quickly, allowing you to help more customers.

Benefit 3: Contactless

Contactless payments — more important than ever. The QR code feature allows you to have a completely touchless checkout experience, which is more important than ever in the midst of a global pandemic.

Benefit 4: Lower cost

Who doesn’t want to save some money? You’ll see lower costs compared to manual entry when you use the QR code feature*, so you can keep more of what you earn.

How QR codes through GoDaddy Payments works

You can start using the QR code feature as soon as you sign up for GoDaddy Payments and download the GoDaddy Mobile App.

At the payment method screen in the Mobile App, there is now an option for QR code:

Select this option to generate a QR code for the payment on your smartphone and present the code to the customer who will then scan the code with their smartphone.

The customer will be able to select a stored credit card or enter their card info directly on their own phone without the need to pass any cards or devices back and forth.

Once the customer has paid, you will receive confirmation that the payment has been received. Customers can directly input the email address or phone number they want the receipt sent to. You check sales performance for in-person and online sales all from your smartphone.

And don’t worry about delays in receiving funds — your payments will be deposited as quickly as the next business day.

With the QR code feature in GoDaddy Payments, you can transform your smartphone into a mobile point-of-sale device and start accepting secure payments in minutes, giving you the freedom to sell anything, anywhere.

*Fee per transaction with QR code is 2.3% + 30 cents

**Fees with GoDaddy Payments varies depending on method used

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