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Generate better responses — How to enhance your AI prompts

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Charles Wilke

By now, you’ve undoubtedly found some utility in the widely available ready-made prompt libraries. These are the ones that often describe a persona for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assume: business analyst, social media marketing maven, content calendar guru, and so forth.

Welcome to the future of small business, where AI emerges not as an intruder but as a valuable ally.

While generic prompts are perfectly adequate to get the AI to think in the manner you expect, they don’t help it understand you, the person requesting this output.

If you include your own individually crafted prompt prefix along with that ready-made prompt, you give the AI two points in space that create a trajectory for you to receive profoundly more valuable generated outputs.

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Disclaimer: When using AI tools, avoid entering sensitive information and always review output for accuracy.

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How to create a tailored prompt prefix

So, how do you create your personalized prompt prefix?

Well, the journey begins with you. Your interests, your customers, your products and services, and most importantly, why you do what you do.

AI reduces the cognitive load of ideating, but you should still introduce yourself!

Add your personal prefix to any ready-made prompt to exponentially increase its generated output’s relevance to you and your business.

Consider a few fictitious businesses and their possible prompt prefixes:

Deborah’s Artisanal Bakery

I started Deborah’s Artisanal Bakery to share with my community the feeling of love that my mom always added to warm breads and pastries. I have many regulars; most just grab a cup of coffee as they hurry on their way. I’d love to attract a lunch crowd with new quick-service sandwich wraps.

Jimmy’s Locksmith

Once, as a kid, I got locked out of my family’s house during a downpour. I got soaked to the bone as I focused on the little bits of metal keeping me from warmth and safety. If I’m able to save one person from that feeling, I’ve done my job. I’m ready and waiting to take calls from the fine folk of Papillion, NE.

Cici’s Cleaners and Garment Alterations

As a lifelong tailor, I love making people look great in the things they already own. Why buy more? I can take it in, let it out, and make you stand out with your existing wardrobe. Let’s cut clothing waste, nix fast fashion, and find beauty in our current clothes tailored to our ever-changing bodies.

These prompt prefix examples above provide a snapshot of who these people are and what motivates them to do what they do. 

So to use these, you would write a few sentences about yourself before pasting in any ready-made prompt. You’ll give the AI the necessary context to align its output with your unique needs.

Your business is already a trove of stories.

AI helps you decrypt those buried stories by translating seemingly irrelevant data into actionable insights and valuable generated output. You know your business and your audience. AI is there to explore what your audience loves and how you can give them more of it.

Once you’ve primed a prompt with your personal context, AI becomes your brand’s narrator. One that helps you explore how to best tell your story. It can help make each marketing message meaningful to your brand’s overall narrative.

Use your prefixes to boost your brand

Brainstorming how to incorporate AI into your daily operational process is about future-proofing your story. As your business evolves, AI evolves with you, ready to face new challenges and seize new opportunities.

Adopting AI is a journey, not a destination. Getting the most out of it will take some practice. And that will come with its challenges – the investment, the learning curve, and the need to balance technology with the human touch. It's about finding use cases that resonate with your business's story.

As you give your customers meaningful experiences, AI can stand beside you, a tool that can understand not just the language of business but the language of your business.

Embrace the future where AI is your ally, not an adversary. Let’s start this journey together and see how your unique story unfolds with the power of personalized AI.