American Rocktails

Rocking women: Meet the duo behind American Rocktails

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Jenna Paulus

After working together at a fast-paced bar creating cocktails inspired by musicians, MayaLou Banatwala and Kristen Kreft realized they could turn their passion into a business.

Rooted in Cincinnati where jazz, blues and soul meld together, this duo – who are also the front women of their own rock bands – wanted to toast the city’s rich music culture with craft cocktails and unique events, so they launched American Rocktails to do just that.

As they continue to amp up their business, MayaLou and Kristen know that if they’re not pushing their own dreams forward, they’re making it a reality for someone else, so why not go after it?

Their advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs? “Take the chance and believe in yourself.”

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