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Complaint - DNS Management Support

Since I can't find anywhere else to do this, I want to submit a complaint:


On Sunday afternoon, one of our domain names went down. I realized we were using an old name server, so I switched to GoDaddy nameservers. The website then worked without "www," but with "www" it returns a green page that says "this domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy." We did some digging, and when we included the "www" it pointed to a seemingly arbitrary IP addresses... NOT the one that we had listed under the Record.


Tuesday morning, a GoDaddy Tech said she saw the issue and corrected it, but that it could take 48 hours to propagate....we waited the 48 hours, and it STILL did not work.

I then contacted GoDaddy support again (FOR THE 8TH TIME) and after a lengthy process and conversation, the tech said that I would have to be elevated to a different department (why did it take 8 times?) and that I would only reach them by calling them (I was in a chat). 
I ultimately had to fix this issue on my own and go to another resource to get different nameservers, which fixed the problem. It took about 30 minutes for me to do this, so I'm VERY disappointed that I spent DAYS relying on GoDaddy support that did nothing for me.
I find it completely ridiculous that GoDaddy doesn't have a way to create a trouble ticket, and that every time I contact them about the same issue, I have to revalidate my account, re-explain everything, and then still not get the help I need. This was a very frustrating process--I wasted HOURS and was stressed for days trying to resolve this issue.