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GoDaddy took the price of the annual plan


please someone help me as soon as possible. By accident I accepted to pay for the annual plan and I couldn't change it before they took the money. I'm really upset for this, moreover, thecustomer support is not replying to my call, the "live" chat is offline, and I'm wondering I'll quit forever, because it's not normal to take it without asking or offering solution for the monthly plan or asking agai when it comes to big money. 
I know they do it this much complicated in order to people give op on their money. I will never give up un my money. But who could I complain if the customer support is unattainable?

And yeah, I'm really upset


Help me please

Community Manager

Hi @mayapanty,

I'm so sorry to hear that you're upset with us! The best route for you at this point in time is to call back our customer support number and ask to talk with a manager. Someone will be able to help you out with this and make it right. Take care and all the best!


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