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    Advice on getting domain seller to sell before "Offer/Counter Offer" time ends

    I'm am interested in buying a domain name.  I have bought them before, but in the past I was able to purchase them immediately.  I would go to GD and type the domain name into the search function to see if it was available, and if available, make the purchase.


    I followed the same process this time.  Went to GD, typed domain name into search function, and the result said, "Yes! Your domain is available. Buy it before someone else does."  Below that message was the domainname.com with Premium next to it, and next to that a minimum price of $250 with a box that said Make Offer.  Not knowing any better, I thought that meant it was for sale for $250.  In hindsight, I should have researched it more thoroughly at that point, but I didn't, so now I'm here.


    I signed up and paid $4.99 to become a GoDaddy Auctions Member last night, and I made the minimum $250 offer on the domain.  I was shocked to see the "Time Left" is over 60 Days!!!  It now sits in my Bidding List in the "Offer/Counter Offer" list.  In the "Current Price" column, after making my offer, it had "1 Offer" listed.  I waited until today to see if anything had happened, and since nothing had, I started looking at it again.  I noticed in the "Asking Price" column that if I put the pointer over the question mark it says, "The Seller of this domain has not specified a price.  To make an offer on this domain simply make an offer higher than the minimum listed in the bidding field at right.  Once you've entered your offer, the seller will be notified and can accept or counter your offer."   That led me to believe that I may need to make an offer that is higher than the minimum required offer I had previoulsy made in order to get the seller to engage.


    I chatted with the live help desk to get clarification on this, but ultimately was given a link to the FAQ's, which did not clarify.  In an effort to move this forward, I went ahead and made a second offer of $275.  Then I started looking around more, found the GoDaddy Community, and have read through the Domain Investing forum looking for anything that might help me.  At this point, I have made 2 offers in the last 24 hours and am bidding against myself, which is never a good thing.  


    I am looking for advice on the following:

    - What options do I have to engage the seller and not have to wait for 65 days?

    - Are there actions I can take that are more likely to get the seller to change the "Offer/Counter Offer" into "Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now" and/or "Auction"?

    - I know my offer is valid for 7 days and the seller can accept, reject, counter, or disregard the offer.  Will I be notified if seller rejects or disregards offer, or will I have to wait the 7 full days, and if I have not been contacted, know that the offers was disregarded or rejected?


    Again, in hindsight I should have explored this more thoroughly instead of assuming I could just buy it for $250 whenever I was ready, but that's not what I did.  Instead I spent another $149 on having a logo designed for the domain name thinking I could just pick up the domain name at any point.  I'm not totally in love with the domain name and/or the logo, and I can live without any of it.  I was just exploring a potential business opportunity and wanted to play around with a certain concept.  I only have $149 and a little time invested into this.  If I'm going to have to wait 65 days and maybe not even get the domain, then I don't have any problem moving on and finding a domain that is more available.  Just looking for input that can help me make my decision.


    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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    Domain seller has now changed to Offer/Counter-offer.  I guess it is an auction at this point.  The initial minimum $250 price has changed.  It now has a minimum bid price of $14,000 and a Buy Now price of $22,000.  Lessons learned......


    Have you tried contacting them to see if they will end the auction sooner?

    Ebay sellers often  will do that if you contact them directly.

    Since the domain name is so low priced I am guessing it isn't a really HOT name.

    Be proactive