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Pricing not accurate for Domain Auction Pricing in Cart - Domain Auction membership

I added the Domain Auction membership to my account and the price went up. Seems like it's trying to scam more money from me than what it is actually priced at. In my cart it's priced at AU$8.79 but the page displays as below (note price of AU$6.47):


GoDaddy Auctions® Pricing

We make selling domains easy and affordable.  And that means you make money, fast!  Our commission fees are among the lowest in the industry and our choice between Basic and Premium listings means your domain WILL be found… at a price that works best for your budget.


Annual Membership is AUD $6.47

Your membership allows you to bid and purchase domains on GoDaddy Auctions®, and list domain names for sale for free.

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"Don't work here, but here is some work......."

Sorry, I should have mentioned it - the tax and fees is already AU$0.80 in the cart. Which is 10% of $7.99 - it still doesn't work out. Thanks for your reply, again sorry - I should have stated that in my original post.