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Do not receive email with authorization code

I am trying to get authorization codes for 3 of my domains. For the 1st 2 domains, contact email is the same. I got the auth codes successfully. For the 3rd one, it is a private email. I have hit the button more than 5 times, but never received the code. 


I have tried to change the contact email also (put it to the 1st one), but then again Godaddy sends email to both email addresses to confirm, which of course I do not receive on the second private email address.


I am receiving emails from everyone else except godaddy on my private email for which the domain is actually registered @ Godaddy.


Re: Do not receive email with authorisation code

Hi @MrAdarsH,


Welcome to the Community!


If your domain has private registration applied, this will need to be removed in order to receive the authorization code. 


You can also create a file that lists the authorization codes for your domains and allows you to download the file to your local computer. Be sure to check the box for "Authorization Code" in the process.



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