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Transfer Domain To Another Godaddy Account

Hey everyone,


Would appreciate if I could get some help here on my issues on transferring existing domains to another GoDaddy account. 


Initiated a transfer of 2 domains ~7 days ago. Everything was going smoothly on my side, with the 2 domains appearing on the pending transfer page. However, the other party receiving the domains was unable to accept the domains after I have approved the transfer. He then went to call the helpline, and was told to restart the whole process, which was what I actioned.


Fastforward to today, I am unable to transfer the domains at all, with repeated warnings saying that I have selected domains that are ineligible for transfers. Why is this so? When I clicked on the 'more information' icon, it says 'HasDCCPendingEvent'. I have tried googling this, but I cannot find out what is the exact reason as to why I cannot make my transfer. This is quite an urgent matter, and I have reached out to the GoDaddy helpline 3 times, each time for them to say they will get back to me in 72 hours. They have been taking 72 hours for just one reply, which is highly inefficient.. 


Re: Transfer Domain To Another Godaddy Account



Welcome to the Community! 


As you did not mention the domain names being moved, we're going to guess that the registrant data was changed for the move to another GoDaddy account. This would have required both you, and the party you're moving them to, to approve an email sent to verify this change... before the move itself could be accepted in the new account. This verification email is sent to the old email address, or the address on your account, and the new registrant email address to be approved. Make sure both you and the receiving party follow the steps in the email to complete the process and approve this change. If you are unable to find the email, please check your spam folders before resending. 







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