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Cannot Decide on a Domain Name [Help!]

My idea is to offer a job site for technology related jobs such as web development. We will tie into the API but the key is that we will start our by certain states and break it down by select cities and categories of jobs. I plan to offer a career advice blog and also on each job listing page offer a service where they can hire me for career advice. Its all geared toward the tech sector and the site will be high end. However I am having trouble picking a domain name. Need suggestions, thanks!! 🙂


Hey @Jagst3r15,


That's a really tough one as I'm not that inventive with names. It's also tricky to suggest a name that's not already taken without having another member reviewing this discussion deciding to register it before you do. 


Perhaps a few of our members could share some ideas on how they came up with their own domains? Hopefully that could help you decide on a good name for yourself. 


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How about: or er; maybe something more abstract snapmeta or  Guess I'm on a two word thing, but that's the best 5 minutes thought I can doll out to ya. Good luck! is for sale $4,999.00


Just saying!