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No pending transfer showing - not showing in my account

I have paid to transfer my domain name to GoDaddy but its not showing in my account and I haven't received an authorisation email. The email address is correct so I would have seen it if it had come through. Is there someone I can contact (not by phone as I'm outside the US!)

Former Employee

Greetings @sandhcrafts,


Hmmm, missing, huh? A couple of things come to mind.


First, are you sure you ordered it in your account? Sometimes when folks order transfers they accidentally create a new account online by not logging in to their existing one. You can check this on your emailed receipt.


Second, assuming it was ordered in your account, it would be under "Transfers-in" not "My Domains" like new registrations would be. Here's how to locate the transfer and enter codes:


Check your local website link for contact options (click under my name)..


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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