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Outside Host Gave an IP Address as Nameserver

I have a VPS with a different company, and they told me I'd have to reach out to GoDaddy regarding this issue.

This may be a really stupid question, but here goes:  Every VPS I've ever had before has had a nameserver format, but this one only gives me IP addresses.  When I tried to change the nameserver to a custom in Domain Manager, it tells me this is an invalid format.

What am I missing here?

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Pointing a domain to an IP is accomplished via adding an A Record not via the nameservers....


Here's a how to!


HTH! 😉

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There are two situations you could be talking about here.


Are those IP addresses for or You would add them as hostnames then after that processes set your nameservers.


If they just gave you the IP address of the server, they don't want you to use it as a nameserver. You'll leave the nameservers set to default, and make sure the A record for @ is pointing to that IP address.

Thanks for chiming in.  Essentially, they gave me an IP address for the server itself, then there's a line saying "Nameservers:" that has 2 different IP addresses followed by "(resolver)"

Not sure if this clarifies anything

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(There's a language barrier between my host and I, so that's why this has been confusing)

So I've finally been given actual nameservers in a proper format...I've changed to custom nameservers with the information they've provided me and changed my A record to reflect the IP address of my VPS.  Do I need to do anything about the CNAME entries, or should I leave those as they are?