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Increasing file upload size in media gallery

Greetings Community,

     I must admit I am a novice web site builder, so your response can't be too technical. Anyway, I started up a web site for the school club I sponsor and I took pictures of my officers to put on my "Officer" page. However, my upload size limit is 2MB. None of them are that small with my largest photo just under 6MB. So my question is, how do I increase my maximum upload size? Thank you!


Super User I

Instead of wondering how to increase your upload restrictions, you should be thinking about minimizing your photo sizes before uploading them.  I bet that large size is the high resolution right out of your camera which is overkill for the website.


This is also a resource issue that can cause your site to hang and use resources unnecessarily. Learn how to resize the photos to a smaller size before uploading to your Website.  To display officer photos they need not be larger 800-1000 pixels in size on the upload.


So, resize then upload -- problem solved! Google offers a free image editing software for you to easily accomplish resizing.  It's called GIMP


HTH! Smiley Wink

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That is a terrible excuse, if you need a bigger file upload size you should get one, no questions asked, in fact there should not be a restriction on file upload size, it just causes problems for the customer !!!!

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hi @Mersedaddy


I have attached a video File below. Easy to understand. Just follow the tutorials below and increase your default PHP Limit.


 Thank You.