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Wordpress installation unsuccessful

I have Windows-based Economy hosting and have multiple instances of Wordpress successfully installed to sub folders and then I just point domain names to those sub folders. That was all done over time quite a while ago and I never had any trouble.


This time, I have been unable to successfully install Wordpress to a sub folder. Whether I specify a folder that doesn’t yet exist or create the folder first and then point to it as the target destination of the installation, the result is no Wordpress files at all are installed into the folder.


In the list of applications, it seemed like the installation was working and after several hours, the list of applications showed the new installation with a login option, suggesting Wordpress had been successfully installed. Instead, when I go look at the file structure of the hosting site, that sub folder is empty instead of having any Wordpress files in it.



My Products

Web hosting - Economy Web Hosting Windows - Manage


Wordpress - Install (choose options)

My Applications - Manage (review status during/post-install)




Review file structure - no files installed; folder is empty whether it was created prior to installation or as part of the installation itself


Although one of the other already-installed instances of Wordpress is undergoing a version update currently, I cannot think of any reason that should impact the installation of an entirely different instance of Wordpress in an entirely different sub folder. And there are no errors along the way. It looks like the installation is just chugging away and doing its thing, then it appears to reach the end and management and login options are presented that didn’t used to exist - only there is nothing there.


Any thoughts about what is happening or what I might be missing?


Thank you!



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Super User III

Re: Wordpress installation unsuccessful



I know that the Economy hosting is only designed for one site to be put on there. It may be a case where they've updated the backend to reflect that and you can no longer do it. However, that's just conjecture. Best bet would be to give Hosting support a call and see if anything has changed.

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Re: Wordpress installation unsuccessful

I am running a deluxe hosting, I am currently experiencing EXACTLY same problem.

What is the maximum wordpress sites / websites on deluxe hosting?



Re: Wordpress installation unsuccessful

It turns out that my problem had nothing to do with the number of sites. With Deluxe hosting, you should have unlimited sites. My trouble had to do with being on an old Windows server that couldn’t handle the updated version of Wordpress so it just failed. I discovered I was having trouble updating older versions of Wordpress also. Moving to the newer CPanel Linux hosting took care of the issue. 


Re: Wordpress installation unsuccessful

This was not the problem. The trouble was the version of Windows hosting couldn’t handle the newer Wordpress version so it failed because of that.