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    Helper I

    GoDaddy Static IP ranges listed in SORBS DUHL

    The IP address GoDaddy assigned me has been listed in SORBS DUHL (Dynamic User Host List) since 2003 - that's right, for 15 years.  This results in some email providers blacklisting emails based on this erroneous entry since dynamic IPs are considered spam by definition since the spammer could easily change their IP to avoid being blocked.  Only the network owner can submit a delisting request for their IP range to be listed as static IPs.  I'm beyond miffed I was sold an IP listed as a dynamic IP in a spam database.  Can someone at GoDaddy please submit all your static IP ranges to SORBS DUHL:



    There is a process for individual domains to remove just their IP address, however this requires that reverse DNS points to your domain, which is not possible since GoDaddy is the authoritative name server for all VPS IP addresses and will not create a PTR entry for hosted domains, nor will they make the domain's name server hosted on the VPS the authoritative name server.  Without either of these, it is technically impossible to do a reverse DNS lookup with a domain hosted with GoDaddy VPS hosting, therefore it is not possible to delist the IP address associated with a GoDaddy VPS individually via www.sorbs.net/cgi-bin/dulexclusions.


    I assume this affects all GoDaddy static IPs.  You can check yours at:


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    Helper I

    Re: GoDaddy Static IP ranges listed in SORBS DUHL

    Same issues reported since 2016:



    Talked to GoDaddy support and said case #30025307 been open since July with GoDaddy's "email team", but "not to hold my breath".  Um, SORBS doesn't take 2 years, let alone 2 months to respond to valid network operator requests.

    Helper I

    Re: GoDaddy Static IP ranges listed in SORBS DUHL

    The other kicker here is GoDaddy doesn't provide reverse DNS entries for VPS static IPs.  Which means, when an email host/provider receives an email from your IP it resolves to secureserver.net - so your email gets treated based on the reputation score of all GoDaddy IPs - not just your individual domain.  This causes more problems than simply being listed  in SORBS DUHL, since it increases the chances that your emails will end up in the recipients Spam folder.  The lack of rDNS also prevents resolving the SORBS DUHL issue individually (since if your rDNS pointed to your domain you could request to delist yourself).

    Helper I

    Re: GoDaddy Static IP ranges listed in SORBS DUHL

    GoDaddy is shooting itself in the foot by not allowing rDNS for domains hosted and registered with them (and which they can easily verify via forward DNS).  Now, all emails sent by any GoDaddy VPS IP are treated the same (low reputation), versus having just individual domains/IPs get blacklisted.

    Helper I

    Re: GoDaddy Static IP ranges listed in SORBS DUHL

    Here is the response from SORBS


    This is not a SPAM listing.

    The SORBS DUHL listing is used to list Dynamic IPs. Unfortunately a Dynamic IP
    cannot be removed from the DUHL list, since that is what the DUHL list is, a
    list of dynamic IPs. When the IP was listed, or why you are using the IP, has
    nothing to do with it.

    If this address is actually static, the regional Internet registry contact for
    the address (your Internet service provider) should contact us with details of
    their statically and dynamically assigned ranges. Further to prevent relisting
    the reverse DNS names should be set to indicate static assignment.

    Delisting is also possible by having the reverse DNS set to the same as the MX
    record for a domain. However, please be aware that the DNS PTR, MX and A
    records should have a minimum Time-to-Live of 12 hours.

    What identifies the IP as dynamic, are the markers in the PTR. For example; key
    strings like dhcp, pool, dyn, cable, DSL, dial, cpe, cust, RES, IP address,


    1. GoDaddy is advertising "1 Dedicated IP" yet actually assigning IPs listed as dynamic is SORBS DUHL.  Email originating from Dynamic IPs are treated as spam.
    2. GoDaddy has failed to reclassify these IPs with SORB DUHL
    3. The fact the reverse DNS contains the IP address in the domain name is what makes SORBS DUHL continue to classify these as dynamic.  By definition, if the IP were static, it would have an actual domain assigned to it in reverse DNS.  So, failing to allow reverse DNS is directly causing these IPs to be treated as spam.