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Listing domains for sale is easier than ever! You can list to Afternic directly by creating an account and adding the names you want to sell, or you can use the GoDaddy Domain Manager with the new “list for sale” option.

As I talk to clients, the hardest part is deciding which names they want to sell, and for what price. Setting a Buy Now price is your best chance of getting domain sales because end users might shy away from a negotiation process.

So what price should you set?


I recommend following one of two approaches: the GoDaddy Valuation method or the long-game method.

The GoDaddy Estimated Value exampleThe GoDaddy Estimated Value can be toggled on and off in your domain manager, using the “edit columns” link in the top right. Listing your domains for these values is a good way to remove a lot of the work from your pricing process.

The GoDaddy Estimated Valuation is based on data from our extensive auction sales history as well as market trends and other factors. The prices might seem higher or lower than you thought, but it’s a good baseline so you can sell your domains in the short term.

The other method is the long-game method. You have a name that you know you can sell for a high price to the right buyer and you’re willing to wait until that once-in-a-lifetime offer comes. Set the Buy Now price high. Set a minimum offer, so offers lower than this will be automatically rejected. Then you can sit back and wait for months or years until you get that big ticket.

I always suggest that you use a mix of both strategies and only play the long game on your best domain names. You want to be able to bring in some income while you wait for those once-in-a-lifetime sales.

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