Manage multiple websites at once with Pro Sites

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One-click login to all of your websites

Are you ready to stop spending countless hours managing websites? Pro Sites is one dashboard for all of your sites, with one click you have access to all of your websites. You no longer have to waste time on tedious admin tasks, you can automate them in Pro Sites.

Here is what you can find in Pro Sites:

  • One click updates for WordPress core, themes and plugins
  • Bulk update on hundreds of websites at once
  • Automated and manual backups, upload to the cloud or download locally
  • One click restore
  • Safe Updates that create a restore point before updating your websites, and takes before and after update screenshots of your site so you can compare
  • Automatic and manual rollback on Safe Updates
  • Uptime Monitor

and so much more…

This is all waiting for you in Pro Sites.

Sign up to the GoDaddy Pro Program, and make the most out of our robust family of tools designed for web professionals.

Need some help along the way, have a look at our Pro Sites Help that has everything you need to get started and more. 



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