GoDaddy customers: Beware of email phishing attempts

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Ray Duran

We’ve recently received reports from our customers that they have received phishing emails in an attempt to gain access to their accounts. The email states that there is an issue with the amount of directories in their GoDaddy account, and provides a link that appears to help.

Once a person clicks this link, it directs them to what looks like a GoDaddy login page. However, if you hover over this link you’ll notice it does not take you to

Please DO NOT click on this link. If you do click the link, DO NOT fill in any information. This is a phishing email.

Once you submit the form, you’ve sent the attacker your login information. This compromises your GoDaddy account.

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Here are some examples of what the email and fake login page might look like:

Examples of email

Phishing Email
Phishing Email Example

Example of fake login page

Fake Login Page

What should you do if you received this phishing email?

If you have received this phishing email, please go here to report it to us.

If you clicked on the link in the email, please take the following steps to secure your account:

  1. Reset your account password
  2. Update your account PIN and security settings
  3. Review and verify your domain’s contact information
  4. Update your account’s on-file payment methods. We recommend replacing all existing payment methods, since credit card information can be used to validate your account.
  5. As an additional step, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication. This adds another layer of protection by requiring a one-time validation code in order to log in to your account or make certain account changes.

Reset with a strong password

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use strong, new and unique passwords. Here are a few resources to help:

Your account security is very important to us. Please contact Customer Support online or at 480.505.8877 if you have any questions about your account security or what steps you should take.