New Wapuu collector pins for WordCamp US 2016

Wear your contributions on your sleeve

WordPress wouldn’t exist without the support of its global community of talented contributors, outspoken advocates, and enthusiastic users. Gatherings like WordCamp US are great for bringing all of these people together under one roof.

But when you’re at a massive event like WCUS, it’s hard to know how the thousands of people around you are involved with WordPress. Are they users? Contributors? Designers? Developers?

Wouldn’t it be great to know at a glance?

Introducing new Wapuu collector pins for #WCUS

WordCamp US Wapuu Collector Pins

Wear your contributions on your sleeve. Or lapel. Or backpack. (Or hat. Or lanyard. Or wherever else you’d like to pin ‘em!)

We’ve teamed up with the talented Michelle Schulp to create a set of eight original Wapuu collector pins, each representing a different aspect of the WordPress community. (If you attended WordCamp US last year, you might recognize the inaugural WCUS collector coins, which were also designed by Michelle.)

Wapuu collector pin for Design and UI

The Design & UI pin recognizes the people who make WordPress beautiful and usable, including WordPress core, themes, and individual websites.

Wapuu collector pin for Accessibility
Wapuu collector pin for Community
Wapuu collector pin for Content
Wapuu collector pin for Development
Wapuu collector pin for Support
Wapuu collector pin for Training
Wapuu collector pin for Translation

You can pick up your Wapuu collector pins at the GoDaddy sponsor booth, from our friends’ booths, or from roaming GoDaddy team members.
GoDaddy team at WordCamp US

Collector pins are given out at random, and there’s a limited supply. Trade with other attendees for the pin you want, or look for one of us and we’ll gladly make a trade.

To all of the users and contributors who make WordPress possible: thank you for everything that you’ve done and continue to do. We hope you enjoy these new Wapuu collector pins. Wear them with pride!

Image by: gemmacevans via Visual hunt / CC BY