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How do you stand out from all the similar businesses online? Customer service! If products, quality and pricing are equal, your eStore customer service is the tiebreaker! Let’s explore the topics and variables that will contribute to your business being known for amazing eStore customer service.

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The foundation of eStore customer service

You provide service that is above and way beyond what customers expect. If you are emailed about an order or receive a new inquiry, you jump on it with a professional and courteous personal response that addresses their request — specifically. You make the effort to cover every detail, question and concern.

You make sure your customers know they are valued and appreciated by thanking them and using the epitome of professionalism and courtesy in your communications. You take the extra steps and make the extra efforts to be THE company they want to do business with again in the future.

Use amazing eStore customer service to your advantage and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and reap the rewards — more business!

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Examples of amazing eStore customer service

  • If you are selling tangibles, they are in stock and you ship that day if possible.
  • You include an extra little freebie with each order that is clearly packaged with care.
  • You say what you’ll do and you do what you say — without fail!
  • If you make mistakes, you apologize, make things right and do not make any excuses.
  • You communicate is such a manner that your customers trust your experience and knowledge — and desire to have them as a customer.
  • You follow up to get your customer’s opinion about doing business with you so that you can learn from their input and improve future experiences.

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Your customer service content matters

If you’re selling online, it’s critical to have the information your customers need at their fingertips.

Terms & FAQs

You have your terms, conditions, FAQs and policy information front and center and available on your website for interested parties to view at their convenience. Operational and product FAQs should be provided with every question a customer has or might ask in the future.

eStore Customer Service FAQ

You know the questions you get asked most. Create a FAQ page for them. Establish a policy. Then implement my 3X rule: If you get asked anything three times, it goes on your FAQ page.

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Product descriptions

Next comes your product descriptions.

One line of generic product or service descriptions that do not include the basic information won’t suffice if you’re shooting for exceptional eStore customer service.

Include dimensions, materials and other specifics. Tell a story, use emotion and a wealth of adjectives to help your customer envision the item and why they must have it — now!

Your content is critical to building trust and encouraging potential customers to click that “Add to Cart” button. Read and reread to catch any typos and misspellings that risk you appearing as though you lack attention to detail. Every little detail matters!

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Email is the differentiator

If you run an eCommerce website, email is the primary mode of communication with your customers. When an order is received your system sends out an order acknowledgment and subsequent order status updates.

If you’re selling online with a WordPress website, for example, these emails can (and should) be customized to reflect your business’s brand and personality.

By personalizing customer services emails as much as possible with your logo and unique message, you can bet you’ll stand out from many of the other sites your customers purchase from that send generic communications.

You know what it is like when you receive an order acknowledgment in your inbox? You can’t help but form an opinion about the business you just trusted with your hard-earned dollars. Hopefully the impression is one of being trustworthy and credible! Don’t risk missing this elusive opportunity to connect with and impress customers.

When customers place an order — and their trust with you — the communications they receive from that point forward will have a direct impact on their overall experience of doing business with you. This is a one-time opportunity that you do not want to squander.

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eStore Customer Service Email

The basics of eStore customer service order emails

Here are a handful of basics that I have used successfully when included in confirmation and follow-up emails. These basics will enhance confidence, avoid confusion and ensure your customers are provided the information they need:

Make sure you note your website name, URL and all your contact information in the email. Include your phone, customer service email address, link to your order FAQ and online contact form. This helps to make it convenient for customers to contact you with any questions they may have about their order. If your site includes a login area or section where customers can view their order status and account information, be sure to include a link to this URL in the confirmation email as well.

Include as many details as possible. When it comes to the products or services ordered, include whether the items are in stock and anticipated to ship to make sure that all parties are on the same page.

Manage expectations. Inform your customer what will happen from that point forward, like when they’ll receive an update, shipment confirmation, time factors, etc.

Avoid confusion. When your customers receive their credit card statements, if your domain name does not match your company name, include a brief note telling customers what to look for when it comes to your business/company name on their credit card statement.

Order emails don’t stop with the final shipping confirmation notice. Send a follow-up email asking for a testimonial or review. Make it easy for customers to let you know what they thought about the process of doing business with you and encourage their input with a discount or freebie. This is information that will help you to improve on what may not have been perfect and build upon what is already working.

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Now you know what to do! By implementing these simple eStore customer service tips, you will offer a surprisingly pleasant experience which will encourage customer loyalty and repeat business!

Image by: Lidya Nada on Unsplash