What should I use — a second phone line or a second phone?

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A big congratulations on taking that huge step in deciding to start your own business. Not everyone has the courage or convictions to do what you’ve done. There will be long nights and early mornings, but the rewards will make it all worthwhile. However, before you start looking for a spot to hang your “businessperson of the year” magazine cover, there are just a few details that need to be resolved, like whether you need a second phone line.

While there are many aspects of reaching your target audience — like the company name, its logo, your social media accounts, etc. — we’re going to focus on making your communication more efficient, specifically, your phone.

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What’s the second phone line for?

As with everything in business, there are choices to make. Should you have a landline or mobile account? Unless there’s a specific reason you need the landline — such as a FAX machine or an alarm system — a mobile phone seems to be the spot-on choice for a second phone line. In fact, these days fewer than 50 percent of households even have landlines.

With mobile phones, you get the benefit of fielding calls regardless of location: in the office, out running errands, meeting with clients, or even stopping for a quick bite to eat. In addition, you can use the phone for texting, so you’re always able to reply, even if it’s just to let someone know you’ll call them back in an hour.

Score one for mobile over landline.


Our next decision is a bit more nuanced: Do you get a completely separate phone, a dual-sim card smartphone (we’ll explain what this is in a moment), or a second line for the mobile phone you already own?

Dual-SIM phones

Dual-SIM phones are very popular among their users. So let’s look at what they are and why you might need one. A dual-SIM phone allows you to have two SIM cards, each with their own line, and even separate phone plans on the same device. Depending on your plan, you’ll be able to switch the numbers you’re using to send or receive texts and calls.

This option for a second phone line excels for those who do a lot of international travel. Some U.S. providers don’t work internationally or charge you extra international roaming fees. A separate, local SIM card will save you a bundle. So what’s the downside? It may be overkill for a lot of people, and the phone selection is very limited compared to single-SIM phones.

Sorry, iPhone users. As of writing this post, there’s no dual-SIM model.

Second phone line apps

Many people don’t realize you can use an app to get a second phone number for your smartphone. For example, SmartLine from GoDaddy makes it a snap to have a second phone line on your device. The benefits of this choice are clear. There’s no extra expensive phone to carry around — not to mention extras like insurance, an extra case, more charging cables, etc. Plus, you’ll never have to be that pretentious person who says things like, “Oh, that must be my other cell phone.”

Granted, maybe you like the status of having two phones held up to your head (which, admittedly, looks pretty cool). Otherwise, the additional cost and work involved with two devices seems to make this a no-brainer.

You get all the benefits, but none of the drawbacks, from a second phone when you add a second phone line to your existing device.

Better still, the second phone line option is a HUGE cost-savings with some great additional advantages. SmartLine, for one, offers lots of flexibility for stuff like using minutes and messages.

Why a second phone line is awesome

Imagine separating your personal and professional lives, using features like custom business hours, a separate customizable business voicemail, and more. Now during family time, with business hours set, any business-related call will go to your custom voicemail for you to review at your convenience. Plus, when you make a call from your second phone line, the caller sees your business number on their caller ID.

Choosing the right business phone solution can be more difficult than you might expect. However, with the tips in this post, hopefully you see the right direction. Now it’s time to you to make your choice – business is calling!

Get started: Try SmartLine for free

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