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Welcome to 2022! As businesses begin their post-holiday acceleration, GoDaddy’s Online Store builder continues to grow and gain new features along the way. In this guide, we’re going to cover these updates and show you how they can help your business grow as well.

What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Here’s a list of the new features and options available for Websites + Marketing Ecommerce customers:

Updates as of Jan. 18, 2022:

  • Updated Commerce and Appointments navigation.

Updates as of Jan. 10, 2022:

  • Updated single-column product photo gallery.
  • Color swatches and display buttons.
  • Vertical product detail page layout.
  • New content indicator for our “Tips to boost sales” guide.

Updated Commerce and Appointments navigation

Both the Commerce and Appointments navigation menus have been updated to help users more efficiently manage their store and online appointments.

Here’s a look at the updated Commerce menu:

new and updated commerce menu options


And here is how the Appointments navigation appears:

new and updated appointments menu options

Updated single-column product photo gallery

We’ve updated the look of the single-column display options for mobile devices. This update better showcases products that have multiple product images to display.

Here is an example of the old single-column display:

Single-column mobile display

And here is how the new single-column mobile layout looks:

New single-column view on Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Color swatches and display buttons

Products will now visually display color options through swatches and buttons, rather than simply through dropdown menus. These options can be seen on the product gallery and the product detail pages.

This is how it will display in the product gallery:

Product color swatches on product gallery

And this is what the button and swatches look like on the product details page:

buttons and swatches

This function can be enabled in the Inventory & Options tab when adding or editing options:

Color swatch options in Website + Marketing Ecommerce

These updates are a fantastic way to help your customers better visualize the color options available and make your storefront look more modern.

Vertical product detail page layout

We have also recently added the option to have a vertical product detail page in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce. This is a great option for best showcasing tall and wide product images.

To enable this option:

Selection options for vertical product pag

And here is how the vertical product page layout would appear on a live site:

New content indicator for our “Tips to boost sales” guide

Our “Tips to boost sales” guide is regularly updated with tips and walk-through guidance on how our Online Store customers can use these new features to boost sales. Keep an eye out for the new content indicator to stay up-to-date on the latest information!

Products headline with selling tips highlighted

Quick links with Selling Tips highlighted

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