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Part of SEO is user-friendliness. We all know that search engines use 100s of datapoints to determine rankings. So let’s be sure we have our permalinks covered!

The default URLs or permalinks created by WordPress are not considered to be user or search engine friendly. There all kinds of ways to tweak your Permalink structure to suit your needs. You can read all about Permalinks here.

The WordPress default Permalink looks something like this:


This format doesn’t tell you what the article is about nor does it help with SEO. There are no keywords in the URL either.

Here’s a quick and easy tip to solve both of these issues.

When in your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks.

Choose “post name” from the Common Settings.

This will instruct WordPress to use the title of your post in the URL. Standard and customary SEO practice is to include your primary keyword/keyword phrase in your post title.

For example, your Permalink would then be:


This is so much better than funky characters, numbers or other date related options, right? Now you have a readable URL with a dash of SEO!

A word of warning…

If your site is already established, changing your permalink structure will change all your site’s URLs. To avoid 404 Not Found Errors use a redirect plugin to point your old URLs to the new ones, and you are good to go!

With the simple addition of this nifty plugin, you can safely change your permalink structure without breaking the old links to your site, and you’ll minimize negative impact to your search engine rankings in the process!

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