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Fantastic influencer networks for female bloggers

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Amanda Rodriguez

Influencer marketing — it’s the word-of-mouth strategy many brands are banking on to take them into 2016. Tapping into influencer networks allows businesses to reach the right audience, for the right price, at just the right time, in a way that just feels right to today’s consumers and the brands that want to connect with them.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that inspires creativity and collaboration in a way that pushes everyone involved to create exciting campaigns that reach new audiences in ways they haven’t before.

Brands are tasked with finding the right influencers for these campaigns. But, with the plethora of individuals making their mark on the variety of available social channels, connecting with the ideal influencer can be challenging.

Listen up: Motivated influencers shouldn’t stand by and wait to be discovered.

In fact, waiting around is no way to get ahead in the influencers-who-rock game.

Not to take anything from the guys in the space, but it seems that the pool of female influencers is exceptionally filled with colorful, vibrantly engaging women. There are so many female content creators, doing so many magnificently influential things, that it’s easy to get caught up in the current. And by caught up, I mean sitting in awe of their content when you should probably be creating some of your own.

For those entering the waters anew, finding someone to help you navigate them and initiate the please-hire-me-I-do-good-work conversation is a great way to help you get going with monetization. And, just as there are countless influencers for brands to choose from, there are now many influencer networks working to broker that relationship in a way that is beneficial for all. Joining all of them is silly; choosing the influencer networks that best meet your needs and help you achieve your goals, well, that’s just smart.

Let’s be smart.

Awesome influencer networks for female bloggers

I suggest starting by checking out these four networks. Look at what they've got to offer, their audience, etc., to see if one of more of these popular influencer networks might be a good fit for you.

Clever Girls

Clever Girls Influencer Network

Clever Girls is one of the industry’s female marketing powerhouses. In fact, they may be THE female marketing powerhouse. The thing that makes the Clever Girls so darnn clever is that they know their strength.

Clever Girls strategically connects brands to powerful female influencers who create content for women that resonates in a way that is engaging, inspiring and effective. They promise.

With the ability to reach more than 75 million women each month via their ever expanding network of female influencers, that strength is clearly in messaging women via influencers.

Sway Group

Sway Group Influencer Network

Sway Group might not market itself as a group focused entirely on connecting brands to female influencers and the women they reach, but the company’s recognition at the 2015 Femvertising Awards earned them major street cred in the space.

The SITSgirls — the female-powered network of influential bloggers and social media influencers that powers Sway — has been changing the game since 2008. With their how-to posts and supportive community they help influencers get their feet in the door and then blossom in the industry. And brands are eager to work with a group that garners so much trust in the digital marketing space.


BlogHer Influencer Network

A pioneer in the female influencer marketing space, BlogHer has created a powerful network of women who create content that inspires, informs and enhances the digital media space. BlogHer provides a well-respected digital platform for women (and men) to share their voices, in addition to some of the best conferences in the industry.

Now a member of the SheKnows Media family, BlogHer is part of the “leading women’s lifestyle media company” online, creating additional opportunities for brands and bloggers to partner.

The Motherhood

The Motherhood Influencer Network

Geared specifically for women who are also mothers, The Motherhood does a miraculous job of creating authentic campaigns that reach mothers in a way that is relatable and real. And they look to work with women who have a voice people respond to — it’s more about response than reach. As noted on The Motherhood site:

“Our influencers are real women who share their opinions and authentic experiences with loyal readers who relate to them. When our moms participate in a project, they have the credibility and influence that helps brands and organizations gain real traction.”

These networks take the guesswork out of the monetization process for influencers and provide opportunities that can be difficult to secure independently. Take some time to get to know which one might be a good fit for you.