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Think you’re too small for chat support? Think bigger.

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Tom Byun

Think about the last time you made a call to a brand. Was it an enjoyable experience or were you left to wait on hold? Were your problems handled efficiently with care, or did you feel like just a number in the queue? And most importantly, is this level of service what you want for your customers?

Likely, not.

Yours is a shared experience of frustration that most have felt. “First-world problem” as it may be, having to stop your day, go outside your preferred communication channel (i.e. messaging, social), and dial a 1-800 number is not acceptable today. That’s why consumers and brands alike are turning to chat and messaging tools to allow a connection that’s convenient for both parties.

Chat support can create a meaningful connection between a brand and a shopper.

Small businesses essentially invented personalized, connection-based commerce ages ago, by creating first-name basis relationships with locals and making personal recommendations with customers in store. Today’s challenge is maintaining that small-business intimacy while scaling your business and translating it to the web experience. Luckily, consumer trends are in our favor to do this.

How are consumers connecting today?

Consumers are heavily mobile in connectivity, but a phone in the hand does not mean they’re ready to make a phone call. In fact, making a phone call is the sixth most common use of a mobile phone, behind messaging, gaming and even the alarm clock. Messaging app usage grew 103 percent last year and during a typical month, messaging accounts for 97 percent of the top app categories.


5 reasons chat support is a perfect fit for small businesses

Messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to communicate with people, which is why it doesn’t just belong in big business call centers. Here are five reasons that chat support is a great fit for small businesses, too.

1. Chat is smarter than any other communication channel.

You might even learn something about the site you just set up. It’s hard to quantify what goes on over the phone, but moving communication to text allows for easy insights. Chat analytics can tell you where your customer pain points are, so you can fix them before the problem arises again. Intelligent platforms like LivePerson’s do the work for you, by identifying and reaching out to your most valuable customers, right when they need you most. This allows you to spend your precious time engaging with people who will convert.

2. Chat is high-impact, but requires little resources.

Flexibility is always appreciated in the SMB world. You can handle chats from your desk while you’re working, but let’s be honest, you have a business to run and places to be. So you can also take chats from your mobile just as easily, with less time commitment than a phone call or email chain — and less cost. A recent Aberdeen Group report shows businesses that use messaging enjoy a 23-percent lower cost to serve their clientele, and are 24-percent more likely to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Chat is made for the ultimate multitasker.

Remember all those times you wished you could be in two places at once? Chat allows you to hold multiple conversations with customers (which you can’t do over the phone), while still going about other business — multitasking at its finest.

4. Chat allows you to make a difference in real time.

Small business are not weighed down by red tape — you move fast and autonomously. Your customers should feel that benefit; it’s part of the reason they like to shop small. Being ready and willing to chat with customers in need, answering questions in real time, is the perfect way to show off your limber, small-biz style.

5. Chat builds customer loyalty and new business.

Communicating with customers on the same channels they use to connect with friends and family, while being respectful of their time, is a great way to create a meaningful connection. Providing a great customer experience is the best way to earn loyal customers and keep new business coming back for more. Taking the time to take care of your customers is what gives your brand a good reputation — and that’s worth more than anything when you’re just starting out.

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It’s time to start offering cutting-edge customer support that’s the perfect fit for your business and those it serves.