Control Only What You Can: Meet Geoffrey Brown

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Katelyn Armas

What’s your story? Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to join GoDaddy.

I moved to Austin from New York! I was working in fashion as an assistant/publicist. At first, I loved it and then I was on set for a photo shoot one day and we were photographing only accessories and shoes. After we finished, I looked at my friend and I was like “I think I am done here.” I didn’t find passion taking time for things that I felt didn’t matter in the big picture.

I talked to another friend that lived in Austin at the time and she suggested that I make the move. Without hesitation, I sold most of my things, bought a plane ticket and flew to Austin the very next week.

I bartended for a month or two and then got a call from a recruiter at Main Street Hub. I had never, ever (EVER) done sales. I knew I loved social media, I loved local businesses, and I also knew I needed a job. I went through the interview process, and fortunately, landed the position. This job, in particular, was fun — I learned a lot doing sales, but I knew I didn’t want to be in it forever… It was just not me. I had more of a passion for marketing. So, my friend was on the Warm Leads team at the time at Main Street Hub. She said, “You should reach out to Emma Vaughn, she does webinars, I think you would be great at that!” I welcomed the idea, because I didn’t have anything to lose! I called Emma up and we chatted for over an hour on that first call. It was the most authentic conversation I had ever had, from a professional standpoint. After the call, I knew I wanted to work for her.

I got the job as a Local Outreach Representative. I managed local events, webinars, business development, and created content for the emails and landing page. WE TRULY DID IT ALL! I would not trade those early days at Main Street Hub with Emma for anything. (Don’t worry — she will come up multiple times in our discussion). Cut to 2018 and Main Street Hub was acquired by GoDaddy. I was extremely excited for the opportunities to come with the acquisition.

What’s the most challenging yet rewarding thing that you have worked on at GoDaddy?

The most challenging, yet rewarding thing that I have done at GoDaddy, thus far, was ask for a raise. Then, when receiving the promotion, stepping up for the challenge.

Initially, I asked for a raise directly after we got acquired and got denied. I went back to the drawing board with Emma and she helped me out a lot. We took a look at at all the projects, webinars, and speaking events, that I had worked on. Additionally, she asked me to reflect on how I had grown personally and what my bigger contribution to the company could be.

Looking back, I truly appreciate being denied the first go-around because I needed those thoughtful conversations to push my career to new heights. If getting a raise were that simple, we would all be millionaires. It taught me that not only do we need to grow for ourselves, but also for our our team, our company, and our customers.

After I took the time to reflect, I was fortunate enough to receive the promotion. I celebrated with a dance party in my room.

What’s your motto or personal mantra?

“What you can control, control it. What you cannot control, let it go.” Emma Vaughn.

Throughout my time working with her, Emma has repeated that line time and time again. She has seen me grow into the professional I am today. When we first started working together, I struggled with lack of control in situations. This would lead to me having breakdowns and rushing my work. With Emma’s help, I have truly learned to practice control.

“Control” also shows up in my favorite music. SZA’s debut album was titled CTRL and Janet Jackson was my 1st concert, where she sang “Control.”

How has GoDaddy helped you grow as an individual?

GoDaddy has helped me grow not only professionally, but also personally. The company values community and has made me think on how I want to leave an impact, locally. Because of this, I have become a huge advocate for advances in the Austin community. At GoDaddy, we love our entrepreneurs because of what they do for our local communities. Therefore, I have learned to stand up for my community — get active and have a voice.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy exploring new restaurants in Austin! I frequent workout classes like Barry’s and Ride Indoor Cycling (yas go local). I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook. I get that from my mom, even though we butt heads in the kitchen. She is one of my favorite people in the world. I used to bake as well. However, I spent way too much time in quarantine baking. So, hoping to get back into it soon!

I am an active reader — give me a thriller/murder mystery book and I will finish it in 24 hours. I hate to admit this, but I have a need for trash reality TV (The Circle, I think I would play as myself), Netflix (Stranger Things fans?)… I love my shows. Also, have y’all checked out Abbott Elementary? If not, I just gave you a new show to watch.

I am also a HUGE music fan. I have a very eclectic taste (wait can I say that about myself)? My dad passed on his passion for music to me. He has all his vinyl’s and when I go home, it is a fantastic way to chill and connect with him.

Most of all, I love being with my friends & family! I think of the world as the people I surround myself with.

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