Cultivating Inner Peace: Meet Deepthi Bhoopathi

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Katelyn Armas

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career journey at GoDaddy.

Working at GoDaddy has been an exceptional experience for me. The dynamic environment has allowed me to continuously learn and embrace new cultures. What sets this workplace apart is the way they value my input — it’s not just about validation, but a genuine consideration of my ideas. I find immense joy in being part of this organization; it’s more than just a job, it’s my happy place.

What makes GoDaddy different than any other company in India?

The company’s core values have empowered me to effectively tackle diverse responsibilities and strategic thinking. Additionally, GoDaddy allows employees to be their authentic selves, which enhances self-confidence and also contributes to creating a uniquely empowering atmosphere. Here, you can rise without fear. Promoting both employee authenticity and the fearless emergence of ideas stands as a remarkable exemplification to the organization’s crux values.

What’s the most challenging yet rewarding thing that you’ve worked on at GoDaddy, thus far?

The most challenging yet rewarding endeavor has been collaborating with novel teams and embracing diverse cultures. Through patient self-improvement and adapting to different personalities, I cultivated strong confidence. This journey not only bolstered my self-assurance but also resonated with my colleagues, who expressed gratitude for the unprecedented support they’ve encountered. I have been able to drive positive change, and witness collective growth which has contributed to professional development.

What are some ways in which you feel supported by GoDaddy?

I feel genuinely supported through regular feedback sessions that aid my professional growth. The open-door policy encourages open communication, fostering a sense of belonging. Skill development programs are readily available which helps me enhance my own capabilities. Flexibility in work arrangements enables a healthy work-life balance. Overall, the organization’s investment in well-being and development of employees creates a strong foundation for success.

What’s your motto or personal mantra?

Embrace the present, trust the process, and cultivate inner peace to live passionately.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I find fulfillment in immersing myself in a range of activities that contribute to my well-being and growth. These include practicing yoga, prioritizing wellness, enjoying leisurely walks, indulging in reading books, seeking spiritual guidance, savoring movies, and exploring new places through travel. These pursuits collectively enrich my life and bring me such joy.

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