Cultural Diversity of the AANHPI Communities: Meet Aditya Vikram

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Katelyn Armas

What is your name and what do you do here at GoDaddy?

My name is Aditya Vikram and I work as a Software Engineer. I joined GoDaddy back in 2019 as a summer intern and have been with the company ever since. In 2020, I joined the GDAsians leadership team. Our mission is to celebrate the unique cultures within the group while collectively building a strong Asian community. I have been a co-leader of this Employee Resource Group for a year and a half, and have been able to contribute and build value to the organization.

What is your daily source of inspiration?

My daily source of inspiration are the people I work alongside with. Everyday, I feel valued and heard; knowing that my team has my back while building incredible products which serve the everyday entrepreneur. Within my role in GDAsians, I truly enjoy executing events that build value for our members.

What has GoDaddy done to support you, your teammates, and your family?

GoDaddy has provided me, along with my teammates, a work environment where I get to build products that impact our customers, realize my passion of helping small businesses grow, and have the stability and flexibility to do things at my own pace.

What do you want your colleagues, neighbors, and friends to take away from Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month?

I think its really important to be aware of the contributions made by the AANHPI communities and also reflect on the challenges and barriers that we are facing. The awareness allows us to strive towards creating an inclusive space where every voice is heard and there is a seat at the table for everyone.

What does AANHPI Heritage Month mean to you?

For me, AANHPI month is about reflecting on my heritage and being proud of the culture that shaped who I am today. It is also about recognizing and creating awareness about the cultural diversity of the AANHPI communities, and acknowledging the accomplishments and contributions made by the community.

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