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Important changes to GoDaddy Auctions from April 29th, 2024

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James Iles

As we look to the future of GoDaddy Auctions, we're looking closely at how GoDaddy can best support domain name sellers. In order to better serve sellers, we’ll be focusing our resources on Afternic for selling domain names.  

Meanwhile, GoDaddy Auctions will focus its attention further toward the buy-side.

We made this decision knowing that sellers of Buy Now and Offer/Counteroffer listings will be best served by Afternic, which provides specific infrastructure tailored to give sellers the highest chance of selling domains. 

With this shift comes a change in how we operate. From May 13th, we’re bidding farewell to new Member to Member listings. This enables sellers to utilize Afternic for all sales while continuing to provide syndicated exposure to GoDaddy Auctions.

What this means for Seller Listings

Beginning April 29th, we will not accept new Member to Member listings at GoDaddy Auctions. This includes 7-day public auctions, Buy it Now listings and Offer/Counteroffer listings.  

Buy it Now and Offer/Counteroffer domain names can be added to Afternic, a fellow GoDaddy brand, where they will continue to be syndicated to the GoDaddy Auctions’ platform and search for added exposure. 

All 7-day public auctions in progress will run until their conclusion, while all Buy it Now and Offer/Counteroffer listings will be taken down from GoDaddy Auctions on May 13th, 2024. 

Download seller records

Up until May 13th, domain sellers will continue to have access to GoDaddy Auctions’ Sellers area, where they can capture data including: 

  • Active GoDaddy Auctions listings 
  • Domain names sold at GoDaddy Auctions 
  • Domain names pending transactions 

These records will not be available to sellers after May 13th, so it’s important to capture records of sales before that date. 

If sellers have a pending transaction that is unlikely to close before May 13th, extra time will be provided. Our team is available at to discuss this further. 

Where can I sell my domains?

GoDaddy wants domain sellers to be successful. While GoDaddy Auctions shifts its focus further toward expired auctions, Afternic is the marketplace to list your domains for sale. 

If you’re new to Afternic and you have 500 or more domain names that you’re listing for sale, please reach out to, who will be happy to assist with your onboarding.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

We anticipate that you might have questions, and we’ve attempted to address them in advance. If you can’t find the answer to your question in this section, please contact, where we’ll be glad to provide you with more details. 

What are Member to Member listings? 

Member to Member listings at GoDaddy Auctions is the collective term for:  

  • 7-day public auctions 
  • Buy it Now listings 
  • Offer/Counter Offer with Buy it Now 
  • Offer/Counter Offer listings 

When will GoDaddy Auctions stop accepting new Member to Member listings? 

New listings will not be accepted after April 29th, 2024.  

What will happen to Public Auction listings that close after April 29th, 2024? 

Public auction listings that close after April 29th,  2024, will be able to run until their conclusion.  

What will happen to active Buy it Now and Offer/Counter Offer listings at GoDaddy Auctions? 

Member to Member Buy it Now and Offer/Counter Offer listings will remain live and available until May 13th, 2024. We recommend moving your domain listings to Afternic before then. 

You’ll continue to receive exposure for your domains through GoDaddy Auctions, but management of your listings will be done via Afternic. 

How can I manage my existing listings before they are taken down? 

Sellers can access the “Sellers” area until May 13th, 2024 to manage their listings and capture records of their sales. 

Will I still be able to access the “Sold” page? 

The “Sold” tab within the Seller portal will be available until May 13th, 2024.

What happens to pending transactions? 

Pending transactions will be given time to close. Sellers can connect with for more information. 

What should I do if I have active offers on my Member to Member listings? 

On May 13th, 2024, all Member to Member listings will be removed, along with unactioned offers. We recommend that sellers review all unactioned offers before the May 13th cut-off. 

Will Afternic-listed domains continue to be syndicated to GoDaddy Auctions? 

Yes. Domain names listed at Afternic will continue to be syndicated to GoDaddy Auctions. 

Can I still buy domains through GoDaddy Auctions? 

Yes, buyers can continue to purchase expired and Afternic listings through GoDaddy Auctions without interruptions.