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GoDaddy launches GoValue API subscription service

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James Iles

Domain investors rely on data to make informed decisions, adopting an analytical approach to determine if a domain is worth the investment. Domain valuations in particular provide an objective data point to help investors generate returns from their domain portfolios.

GoDaddy’s teams and products also utilize valuation data. Specifically, GoValue, a powerful system that provides estimated valuations for domain names based on a repository of historical domain sales. In 2023, for example, both Afternic and implemented GoValue data into their respective platforms, while GoDaddy’s portfolio, NameFind, has also incorporated GoValue data into its sales model.  

GoDaddy has now launched a product allowing businesses and power users access to GoValue’s valuation data and more, via an annual subscription program.  

This program provides subscribers with access to GoValue’s application programming interface (API), where users can generate 5,000 or more estimates per day to collect domain valuations along with probability of sale calculations based on millions of data points.  

The importance of GoValue

Many users who have searched for a domain name at GoDaddy are familiar with GoValue, a machine learning model that has been trained on over 65 million unique data points to estimate a domain’s market value1 including an enormous collection of GoDaddy and Afternic domain transactions.  

Comparable domain name sales are vital for an understanding of retail and wholesale aftermarket domain name pricing, and while manual education and intuitive understanding are vital for portfolio holders, automated valuations can play a part in assessing potential acquisitions, or domain sales pricing.  

That is where GoValue is important. With most historical and comparable sales data not publicly available, it can be difficult to estimate the market value of a domain name. GoValue’s repository of millions of domain name sales means that it has access to a wealth of historical data.

GoValue for power users

Individual domain investors and businesses acquiring domain names in bulk need an efficient way to quickly understand the value of domain names at auction to identify domain names to purchase and potential budgets for each acquisition.  

Now, they can automate this process by subscribing to a GoValue API Plan. Packages start at $99 per month, paid annually, with other subscriptions offering higher daily access.  

GoValue  API subscribers will receive powerful data points such as:  

  • Wholesale domain valuation  
  • Suggested list price on Afternic  
  • Sales probability at the GoValue retail price  
  • Sales probability at the GoValue wholesale price

For API subscribers, understanding sales probability is crucial. This metric signifies the likelihood of a sale within one year, based on GoValue’s vast database of domain name sales. It encapsulates valuable insights essential for strategic decision-making.  

Using the API  

Power users and businesses signing up for a new GoValue plan will be given access directly to GoDaddy’s GoValue API.  

This subscription will provide them with an API key and a secret key, which will allow them to call the GoValue API. For information on gaining access, check out GoValue API’s developer documentation.  

Take domain valuation strategies to the next level by exploring the details of the GoValue API subscription on this page.  

Access to GoValue for Discount Domain Club (DDC) Customers  

DDC subscribers can also access GoValue data, thanks to a tool built by Domain Academy, GoDaddy’s domain investment training platform.  

Navigating to Domain Academy’s toolkit section, subscribers will see a GoValue page, which will allow them to input up to 150 domains for valuation each day.  

Each input generates a .csv file, allowing subscribers to track data points such as estimated retail valuation, wholesale valuation and sales probability data for each domain.  

Using this tool, while browsing daily drop lists, can help subscribers discover hidden gems. The sales probability data, combined with each subscriber’s personal insights into the domain market, will guide them to make informed and meaningful purchases.  

GoValue API

To access the Domain Academy tool and more, subscribers must have a premium DDC membership. 

We’re excited to see how domain investors at all levels will use GoValue data to help automate some aspects of buying, selling and managing domains.

All tools provided on this page are meant to act as data points for you to use in assisting you in valuing a domain name. These tools do not make any guarantee or other promise to any results that may be obtained from your purchase or sale of any domain. It is your responsibility to independently address and determine the value of any domain you may purchase or sell.