Welcome to GoDaddy Resources  

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Alycia Leno

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new content platform, GoDaddy Resources! We’ve given our content a well-deserved makeover and a more robust framework. 

For the past 10 years, the GoDaddy blog has offered inspiration and guidance for small business owners, web professionals, and domain investors. Entrepreneurship has changed a lot in recent years, and so has the face of the web. You don’t need a garage to create a startup anymore… anyone can do it from their phone.  

The launch of GoDaddy Resources is part of our mission to empower entrepreneurs everywhere by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online. We’ll continue providing valuable content on a variety of topics, from building a website to running a business – and using AI to save time.  

We laughed, we cried, we launched 

All of our content is now centered on four top-level categories: 

  • Skills: Learn how to build a web presence and business you love 
  • Mindset: Insights to keep you venturing forward on your entrepreneurial journey 
  • Advocacy: Stories and data to make opportunity more inclusive for all 
  • News: Information about the web industry and original content from GoDaddy 

Now, with this resource library, we’re ready to take our content to the next level.  

Designed with you in mind 

Our internal design team collaborated with enterprise WordPress agency, 10up, to ensure our content is user-friendly and easy to digest, while ensuring a seamless user experience. The new look also reflects the philosophy of our UX design foundations.

"Our design philosophy for the GoDaddy Resources website was driven by our desire as a brand to inspire fearlessness in both new and existing customers. We wanted to create an environment where individuals and businesses feel empowered to embrace their digital journey.

Consistency was paramount in our approach, ensuring that the GoDaddy Resources seamlessly integrates with the rest of the GoDaddy experience, providing a cohesive and familiar journey for users.

Collaborating with the talented designers at 10up was an incredible experience, resulting in a thoughtful design process and a high-quality outcome that exceeded our expectations."

Rolf Jensen, Digital Experience Creative Director, GoDaddy

We strive to connect with our audience through empathy and understanding, with a focus on authenticity, honesty, and simplicity. Our goal is to create valuable guidance and education, cutting through the noise and inspiring action, bravery, and fun.

Engineering an experience 

For our tech savvy readers, the new site runs on a headless WordPress instance with a NextJS front end. It’s faster, more beautiful, and more engaging than ever before. The team at 10up offer a robust custom framework, and their engineers worked with our internal resources to overhaul everything from the ground up.  

“Innovative technologies like headless frontends and artificial intelligence are pivotal in differentiating publishers in today’s digital landscape. At the forefront of inspiring and educating entrepreneurs for over a decade, the GoDaddy blog team naturally embraced this call for innovation.

The transformation into Resources, built on the 10up’s Storytelling Framework, amplified by the unique vision of GoDaddy’s in-house designers, and scaled to perfection by our friends at Pagely, is a testament to the power of innovative reimagination in revitalizing legacy content. It’s a privilege to have partnered with GoDaddy to craft an enriching and engaging user experiences that pushes the boundaries of brand storytelling."

Tyler Cherpak, Director of Engineering, 10up

In addition to migrating our existing content into the lovely new Resources house they built, 10up also upgraded our development pipeline, crafted custom components, and cleared our strict security compliance and engineering standards. 

Hosted by Pagely 

We’re proud to have partnered with Pagely, a beloved WordPress brand acquired by GoDaddy in 2021, to support the evolution of our free resource library. This partnership was instrumental in helping migrate the blog and keep it performing at its very best. In many instances, the expertise of the team at Pagely was critical to the success of this launch. 

"While anything new is harder to do the first time, our mantra of ‘use it, improve it’ aligned perfectly with this project. Pagely is no stranger to adopting new technology into our hosting platform. We first began experimenting with Next.js a couple of years ago with a small set of customers and agencies, leveraging the flexibility of our platform to achieve running Headless WordPress and ancillary services alongside the core WordPress technology.  

Using these primitives and past experience, we were able to deliver a secure, high performance solution for the GoDaddy blog that includes automated CI/CD, smart routing between Next.js and WordPress, High Availability, and integration with GoDaddy's corporate Content Delivery Network. GoDaddy's new blog is based on many next-generation underpinnings that will become mainstream over the next few years, and we're excited to be pioneers in this endeavor."

– Arman Zakaryan, Senior Director of Site Reliability, Pagely

More to come 

We’re excited to launch GoDaddy Resources, and look forward to bringing you more updates as we integrate more content from GoDaddy. We’ll be introducing new topics, formats, and features. 

With GoDaddy Resources, we hope to inspire small business owners to confidently take on challenges and achieve the results they are aiming for.