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Introducing the new GoDaddy GoInfluencer program

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Jacob Jackson

The GoDaddy GoInfluencer affiliate program is a newly launched program, intended to help our customers earn an awesome commission on GoDaddy products. We have a trusted partnership with Commission Junction for tracking, reporting and payment.

How does it work, you ask? Great question!


You start by getting in on GoDaddy’s GoInfluencer program! We've made it super easy and it's absolutely free to join! Sign-up to Commission Junction (CJ) and receive your CJ link (this is how we track the sales you generate so you get paid).

Be aware, the CJ link is a long one, so you may want to shorten it using a shortener.

Click here to sign up for CJ. This is how you become a "GoDaddy Influencer/publisher.”

Once you complete sign-up, the program will give you a CID#. Send us that CID# so that we can approve it in the system.


Promote your link! Whether you are a large content creator or blogger that’s just getting started, we have some great tips to help you succeed in generating profit.

When you succeed, we succeed. Let’s do this together!

Get paid

Earn every time you drive a website sign-up! You can earn up to $150 commission per paid website sale.

Ready to get started?

Join now!

Or, if you'd like some help, you can self-schedule a call with me, Jake Jackson.

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