Never pretend to be something you’re not: Meet Adam Sandoval

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Katelyn Armas

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you currently do at GoDaddy.

I am born and raised in Arizona and am currently living in Phoenix. I am a Lead UX Designer on the Front of Site team. My main focus is leading the visual design for our Search Engine Results Page.

What has driven your growth most through your career?

The biggest driver to my growth is probably a bit of self-doubt and a desire to always be growing. I remember having major impostor syndrome when I first started at GoDaddy but luckily I had a supervisor, Amine Zaydi, who really helped me grow my skills and give me confidence in my ability as a designer.

Outside of work, you have an apparel business. Would you mind sharing more about it and how it came to be?

I started my business 'Not Good' with my brother about seven months ago. We are an athletic lifestyle brand making five-star apparel for two-star athletes. The catalyst for the business was me writing "not good" on a golf ball one morning before I was heading out for a round of golf with my uncle and cousins. I told my brother: "that way, when someone finds my ball in the parking lot they will know I was never pretending to be something I am not". My brother replied "you could make a brand our of that." Within ten minutes of that conversation we purchased and started filing for an LLC.

What are your biggest goals for your business with the end of the year approaching?

My biggest goal for the end of the year is to complete a lifestyle photoshoot of our first line of products and run paid advertising. I am looking to learn how to effectively market the brand.

How has GoDaddy assisted you build out your company?

GoDaddy has really assisted in helping me with showing me how everyday entrepreneurs can start anywhere. I used to think only "professionals" could start a business. I also use all GoDaddy products for the business, domains, WordPress hosting, and email. It has also been great getting to learn from others in the Employee Resource Group - GD Entrepreneurs in Tech.

What’s your motto or personal mantra?

I don't know if I have a personal mantra. But I try to not take myself to seriously and think a lot of joy can be found in having fun in life's small failures. 

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