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Nevena Tomović
I was able to catch up with Nemanja Aleksic, the GoDaddy Pro Marketing Manager, who is based in Belgrade and joined GoDaddy as part of the ManageWP team. Nemanja works with our global teams and his focus from day to day is to make sure our Pros have everything they need to run a business. That means primarily listening to what our Pros need, and working on providing educational material. He is also the guy who invented marketing at ManageWP, back in his day. I wanted to share this interview with you so you can get a better idea of where GoDaddy Pro is heading, and to get to know one of the people who truly believes in his work.

What is the main aim of the GoDaddy Pro Program, and what do you think makes it stand out?

The Pro program is here to give web professionals a helping hand. It equips you with tools and knowledge to go out and conquer the world – or at least a bunch of clients. It's unique in a sense that you enroll without being asked for a single dime, and you get to learn and grow without being locked into a certain platform. It's entirely up to you whether you want to solve challenges with or without GoDaddy tools.

How do you plan to expand the GoDaddy Pro Program, and what can Pro members expect in the near future?

In the past year GoDaddy has acquired several great WordPress teams that built ManageWP, Sucuri & WP Curve. Over time we will consolidate these products into a single seamless experience. We will also look into a day of a web professional, and attempt to solve all the major challenges you have.

So far Pro Sites has been only in English, and the rest of the Pro dashboard in just a select few languages. What can Pro members expect in terms of internationalization in the future?

With the acquisition of HEG, the biggest hosting group in Europe, GoDaddy is expanding internationally. Internationalization is important more than ever, and we've made it a priority to make our program more accessible to people that aren't comfortable using English on a daily basis.

What do you personally want to make happen for GoDaddy in the future?

In the past few years we've become increasingly more involved in the WordPress community. Right now we're a global WordCamp sponsor, Primer theme framework is available for free, our Aaron Campbell leads the WordPress Security team, and a whole bunch of us are active as speakers, organizers & volunteers across the globe. I want GoDaddy as a whole to double down on this effort, and contribute even more. There's so much positive energy and knowledge in the company, the community as a whole would benefit greatly from it.

Nemanja facts

Now that Nemanja has answered all of the Pro related questions, here are some cool facts about him. He has the weirdest sense of humor, he goes through beard phases, he doesn't feel the cold and wears a T-shirt in freezing conditions, and he loves snowboarding and ice hockey. He is also quite a chatty guy, so if you want to reach out to him you can always do that over Twitter.

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