The Importance of a Healthy Routine: Meet Prashanthi Kanniappan Murthy

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Katelyn Armas

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at GoDaddy.

I started out as an intern at GoDaddy in the summer of 2019. I joined back as a full time employee in 2020 and have been here ever since! My internship was with the Cyber Threat Intelligence team. I fell in love with this section of security — dealing with malwares, incidents, writing, and reversing code. The team and my mentors were really helpful and motivating, which is the reason I decided to join full time.

How did you get into tech?

I should probably thank my mechanical engineer dad for that! He taught me math and science in a way that I eventually fell in love with problem solving. I knew I wanted to get into engineering (originally, either mechanical or aeronautical). However, computer science was something I never expected. Taking the challenging math classes in high school was actually fun for me, as I felt like I was exploring new things. Over the years, I have had many mentors and teachers, and had the opportunity to work on various projects, which has shaped me and my passion for security.

What is your personal advice for women who are interested in your profession? How should they proceed and what should they learn?

One piece of advice I hold close to my heart is: “if you really really want it, take that step.” For many women, they lack support when they decide to get into tech (or other man-dominated fields). Growing up in a patriarchal society, I faced a lot of questions, such as: “is that necessary for a young girl?” Times when you doubt there aren’t people to support you, just keep putting in that effort. During the times where I have felt most alone, I’ve gone on to meet some amazing people and formed communities to support and lift me up. Even through failure, you have that experience for you and others following in your footsteps!

What do you enjoy the most about the flexibility/work-life balance offered at GoDaddy?

The work-life balance has helped me reset a lot of unhealthy habits that I had picked up in the past. Now, I have a much healthier routine. Having a routine requires effort and takes time for that self-care. A healthy routine also helps me take care of my body and mental wellbeing, as well! I am based out of the Seattle area and am an outdoorsy person. The flexibility that GoDaddy offers has given me incredible experiences and quality time with my loved ones.

What motivates you at work?

I love a good complex problem solving session. There is no dearth of it on GoDaddy’s InfoSec team. Combine it with an amazing pool of talented people working here, who support and lift each other up — that’s the strongest motivation! There is always something new to learn here and it’s equally important to share the knowledge you have.

Tell us about your biggest role model or mentor.

A very cliché answer — my mom. She broke a lot of barriers for her time — being the only educated and working woman in the family, managing her career and fighting the traditional norms that were thrown her way. While she made it look simple when I was a child, I cannot imagine myself in her shoes as an adult now. She is always the first one to pull me up when I’m down and stand with me if I am going through a tough patch. She has been my strongest supporter and biggest role model.

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