Using open source for e-commerce

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Nitin Pabuwal

Last year, GoDaddy embarked on a journey to offer the simplest and easiest e-commerce solution for small businesses. In the process, we evaluated various platforms for the criteria we considered important — including maturity, extensibility, features, modularity, adoption and community support.

Spree Commerce™ stood out from the pack.


In a move highly aligned with GoDaddy’s commitment  to embracing and contributing to the open-source community (such as our approach to delivering solutions using OpenStack®), we selected Spree to serve as the underlying platform for what we are now calling GoDaddy Online Store. We made Spree multi-tenant, integrated it with various GoDaddy systems and partners, deployed it in a PCI-compliant environment, and built an awesome customer experience on top of it.

We’ve also made a series of performance optimizations, feature enhancements and quality improvements — and contributed them back to the open-source project so that the larger community can benefit from them.

Fast-forward one year to our simple-to-use e-commerce solution. Online Store enables non-tech-savvy small businesses to easily build, manage and operate e-commerce stores. Currently in public beta, with more than 3,000 stores already built, we’re gearing up to go 100-percent live in the near future.

Want to learn more about our action in the Spree community and GoDaddy Online Store? Click here.

Bonus: Check out this video to learn more about Spree and website performance.

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