How do I attract customers to my website?

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Brett Farmiloe

Driving traffic to your website is crucial for business success, and with countless marketing strategies available, it's overwhelming to know where to start. To help you navigate this challenge, we've gathered 14 expert tips from CEOs, founders, and marketing professionals on how to attract customers to your website. From allowing your content to work double across blogs and social media to attracting attention through great value, these tips will help you boost your online presence and drive customer engagement in no time. 

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1. Turn blog articles into social posts

Everyone should create content. However, social media content alone is not enough. You need to have an amazing blog with an abundance of quality articles that (ideally) rank really well on Google. 

However, if you are a new company, SEO takes time to kick in, so the #1 tip would be to take those high-quality blog articles and turn them into social media posts. Most sales in our company come from social, as my co-founders and I spend at least one hour each day on LinkedIn engaging with our audience, and we use our blog posts as a source for almost all of our social content. Through social, you can promote your blog posts, which brings eyes to your brand, who then become your customers.

Gordana Sretenovic, Co-founder, Workello

Gordana Sretenovic, Co-founder, Workello

2. Emphasize clear calls to action

Your website needs a clear call to action on every page, such as "Shop Now," "Call for a Consultation," or "Sign Up." Ensure that all of your calls to action are easy to view and click on, especially from a mobile device. 

Utilize technologies like pop-up windows or chat windows to capture visitors who leave a website taking no action. You'd be surprised at how many websites omit the key details that most visitors want, such as the company's address, a map or directions, a phone number, and hours of operation. Ensure that they are prominently featured on the homepage towards the top and that your business listings are accurate as well. 

Your rankings may suffer if there is outdated/missing content online. Search engines like Google will give businesses with correct business directories precedence over those with inaccurate internet listings. You can be sure that your customers can find you when they need to by using a reputable business directory service.

Joe Li, Managing Director, CheckYa

3. Leverage celebrity partnerships

GoDaddy launched, in large part, through its advertising effort. Danica Patrick was more than a spokeswoman for the brand. She was more of a brand ambassador. She appeared in commercials, but also spent a lot of time discussing and explaining the brand. She was so closely associated with GoDaddy that it was hard to separate the company from the spokeswoman. It worked extremely well because Ms. Patrick was at the peak of her popularity and was charismatic.

If you want to bring people to your website and learn about your products and services, pair up with a fledgling celebrity. The more it works, the longer you can keep your wagon hitched to that famous person.

Yusuf Shurbaji, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Prismfly

4. Utilize social media promotion

Your business website can only be a success if potential customers can find it. One way to ensure this is if you use social media to promote your website. The social media sites you use will depend on the type of customers you are looking to attract, so spend some time researching where those customers spend their time.

Once you have decided which sites to use, start targeting your new customers with posts that will draw them to your site. You will need to post content that the customers can identify with, and make that content appealing by using videos, blog posts, infographics, and images that attract them. The addition of hashtags will allow users to find your content when they search for specific words or phrases, so use them in each post.

Interact with users when they comment on your posts, let them know you are listening to them, and invite them to share your posts with their networks to further increase your reach.

Jonathan Elster, CEO, EcomHalo

5. Offer attractive discounts

It's no secret that most customers are looking for a bargain, whether shopping in a brick-and-mortar store or more recently, online. 

Attracting customers to your website may seem challenging, especially because of the quick viewing and the extended number of choices that can distract your customer. This is where the marketing tip of offering discounts can really work! 

One of the best ways to get customers to your website is to offer a discount—something great, for less. It's as old as time, but it works. Offering potential customers your product for a cheaper than usual price is a quick and most attractive way to get more eyes on your website, usually resulting in more sales. 

Be sure to show how big your sale is by presenting the "regular price" right next to your discount. Also, create an added level of excitement by limiting the time for the sale, to days or even hours, especially ahead of a holiday or event.

Ashley Kenny, Founder, Heirloom

6. Increase trust with more reviews

One marketing tip that will help attract customers to your website is to get more reviews. Buyers are increasingly turning to online reviews when they buy. And they're doing so across many industries and for many things, even low-cost items like toothbrushes and screws. 

If you can get more reviews and achieve a high-quality rating—4.2 to 4.7 is the sweet spot—then you'll attract more customers to your website.

Joe Kevens, Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews

7. Create expert evergreen content

Regardless of your industry, niche, product, or service, it's always valuable to show to your potential customer that you're an expert authority in your field. Focus on creating high-quality, evergreen content that presents truly expert insights. Use videos, blogs, podcasts, and other creative content to deliver your expert opinions. 

Doing this consistently will help establish your brand as an expert in your field—ultimately, making your website a more attractive hub for knowledge on a particular subject area. From there, you could also encourage your new viewers to subscribe to your newsletter; inviting them to become consistent visitors to your website.

Gabe Roy, Founder and Creative Director, Zest Media Productions

8. Build brand recognition with video marketing

Customers need to know, like, and trust your brand before they will buy from you. One way to establish that trust is through video content marketing. 

Video helps to build brand recognition much faster than static graphics because the audience can get to know the person/founder behind the business.

When you consistently show up with valuable content for your audience, they will look to you as a credible source of information. 

Some examples of valuable content include tutorials, quick tips and tricks to help the audience achieve a result, business stories, before and after transformations, and sharing your opinion about a relevant topic.

Once you build trust with your audience, you can integrate calls to action to visit your website in your content. Since you have already positioned your business as a credible source, your audience is more likely to take action as directed.

Megan Gersch, Owner and CEO, Megan Gersch

9. Harness the power of social proof

A top marketing tip to attract customers to your website is leveraging the power of social proof. Social proof refers to the idea that people tend to follow the actions and decisions of others when they are unsure or unfamiliar with a particular product or service.

Try these on your site today:

  1. Show customer reviews and ratings prominently, as positive reviews help build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  2. Showcase social media followers, likes, and shares, as these metrics can help demonstrate the popularity and reach of the brand.
  3. Use endorsements/testimonials from influencers, industry experts, or celebrities to help build credibility and trust.
  4. Show awards and certificates the brand has received, as these can help establish the brand as a reputable and reliable choice.
  5. Use urgency and scarcity to encourage customers to take action, such as limited-time offers or countdown timers, as these can create a sense of urgency and FOMO.

Jay Kingman, Owner, Aniko Branding

10. Foster a strong community

A creative marketing strategy that might help draw visitors to your website is to foster a sense of community around your company. You can develop a devoted following of customers who are enthusiastic about what you offer by creating a community of like-minded people around your business. 

Create a forum, Facebook group, chat room, or Slack channel where customers can interact, exchange ideas, provide feedback, and organize events and webinars to foster a sense of community. You can enhance engagement, establish trust, and provide customers with a place to promote your business by building a feeling of community. The long-term benefits of community building make the time and effort invested worthwhile.

Inga Broerman, VP of Marketing, BluLogix

11. Prioritize content marketing

One tip I can share to attract more customers to your website is content marketing. If you are not marketing your content, then you are wasting a valuable opportunity. Content marketing has been an integral part of succeeding on the internet for decades now, and one reason why it has been talked about so recently is because it is one of the key methods behind excelling in search engine optimization.

Fantastic content is shared and can even go viral; even if it doesn’t go viral, it will put you in the right step to attract more visitors to your website and turn them into customers. If you are serious about growing your business in today’s day and age, content marketing is absolutely something you will need to learn.

Matt Bieber, CEO, Queries AI

12. Connect through storytelling

A memorable ad or website tells a story. Branding and storytelling are more likely to make emotional connections than just promos and PR. Audiences are inspired by brand stories and values instead of just a rock-bottom price. A brand's story can also humanize itself and build relationships with its customers. By appealing to a target market's unique motivations, a company differentiates itself from competitors offering similar solutions.

Additionally, brands are not limited to internal marketing departments for storytelling. The content of videos, blog posts, and general campaigns can be derived from satisfied clients and influencers. Audiences notice and trust a brand when someone they know and trust tells its story. Brand enthusiasts and user-centric marketing strategies show what companies offer beyond commodity products.

Karan Rawal,  Demand Generation and Brand Partnerships Coordinator, Ace Infoway

13. Publish content on other platforms

Don't just publish valuable content on your own site. Aim to publish great content on other platforms too. The reason why is that it can drive “branded search” and ‌benefit your SEO as search engines can recognize you as an authority. By guest posting on reputable websites, taking part in podcasts, or contributing to online forums within your niche, you expose your brand to a wider audience. This increased visibility can lead to more people searching for your brand specifically, boosting “branded search” traffic.

Branded search is beneficial for SEO because search engines, particularly Google, view it as a powerful signal of your brand's credibility and authority. As more people search for your brand, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher in search results, even for non-branded keywords. This improved ranking leads to increased organic traffic, higher click-through rates, and ultimately, more potential customers visiting your website.

John Cammidge, PPC Consultant, Jcammidge

14. Provide irresistible offers

Here's the truth. The vast majority of companies have bland offers that don't excite their customers. It's essentially “Pay us a bit less and get the exact same product our competitors are offering.” 

That's not exciting and won't get people to jump off of social media, click on your search results, or follow through via email. 

Instead, it'll get you more of the same results. 

Instead, provide an offer no one else can compete with. A better refund period, more value within the product, easier payment terms, etc. This will boost your conversion rates by multiple times, encourage word of mouth, and otherwise drive traffic to your website.

Daniel Ndukwu, CMO and Co-founder, DoxFlowy