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Hubtricks: Avoid multiple logins with bulk updates from The Hub by GoDaddy Pro

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Carlin Gibbs

Time is money: it’s the saying we have all heard. As web designers and developers, the more time you save on updates on your client’s websites, the more time you have to dedicate to other tasks. With bulk updates from The Hub by GoDaddy Pro, you can get back that time.

Updates take time and not everyone is a fan of them

Updates on a client’s sites are a big deal. Not everyone is a fan of them due to the time they consume. Having to log in and manage each site's update is tedious. Ensuring each site updates successfully without breaking isn’t always as easy as it seems. And if they aren’t done, they can pose a security risk to your client’s sites.

With The Hub, however, you can get you back the time normally spent on updating client's sites. Lots of time. Our members report saving an average of three hours each month for every client website they maintain. Let’s dive into how the Hub can do this with bulk updates.

How The Hub saves you time with Bulk Updates

When you log into The Hub, you’ll see the Sites section on your sidebar. Click there to check on the security, performance, and updates of your sites and what needs attention.

On the Overview screen, you can update all plugins. We recommend backing up your sites in case anything unexpected happens.

Bulk Updates Step 1

The next step is to run these updates. Simply select all, hit Update, and presto — your updates are running and you are starting to save some time.

Bulk Update Step 2

The Hub will run your updates and show you that they are in progress. Once they are done, you will see that the Updates screen is up to date. And you’ll be able to get back some time that would normally be spent updating each individual site.

Bulk Updates Step 3

What we’re working on

Just like the popular Pro Sites platform, The Hub has many great features to help your business. To learn more about the features the Hub currently has, you can check out this handy roadmap.

Now it’s time to get back to the things you do best

Your updates are done, and your sites are up and running. The only thing that might be left to do is figure out what you’re going to do with the time you have regained. Now you have more time to do what you do best, building great websites and ensuring that time is money. The Hub from GoDaddy Pro is free to join. If you’re looking to save time, this is just for you.

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