Pamper your online store VIPs

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Jennifer Dunn

Like many small town residents, I’ve picked one local watering hole to frequent. I can always depend on the fact that the staff (and many of the regulars) at the Painted Pig Tavern will know my name. They’ll also know my drink order, ask about my day, and put up with my gym shorts and fill up my water bottle without requiring me to order anything if I just happen to be out for a walk by their premises. I’m a “regular.” I spend money there and the Pig’s owners and workers know that. So they give me a little special VIP treatment.

You might not see the customers at your online store “click up” to your premises, but if you watch your analytics, you’ll see your VIP customers return again and again. When you notice that a customer keeps coming back for more, it pays to let them know you care.

Here are just a few ways you can pamper your online store’s regulars:

1. Offer free shipping.

If someone comes back to you again and again, make their lives a little easier by offering free shipping. Unless you sell kayaks or grills, it won’t detract very much from your bottom line, and your customer will feel all the more special for it. Plus, free shipping will ensure they return to your store even more often.

2. Invite them to an Exclusive Club.

What’s better than being a valued customer? Being a “Gold Circle Customer” or “Red Letter Customer” or “Customerista.” Set up a special loyalty club for only your most favored e-commerce patrons. Offer exclusive previews, special deals and other offers that only VIPs can access.

3. Engage outside your online store.

Today there are more ways than ever to engage with your customers. Ask for their Twitter® handles and send them a shout once in awhile. Or follow your VIPs on Instagram® and give them a like. Customers will remember doing business with real people who give back, rather than just a faceless “online store.”

4. Celebrate anniversaries.

Your significant other is not the only one who appreciates you remembering anniversaries. Has your VIP been buying from your online store for five years? Send them a special anniversary gift. Is your VIP having a birthday? Send them a discount. Make your VIPs feel special on special days, and they’ll come back to your online store all year ‘round.

Your e-commerce customers want to feel special and appreciated. Do your part to make that happen!

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