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Make a splash: Repetitive type design for maximum impact

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Dylan Culhane

We all know that repetition is a guaranteed way to make people pay attention. It’s also a top reason why repetitive type design helps ensure people pay more attention online.

To reiterate: repetitive design is a guaranteed way to make people pay attention.

Even in everyday conversations, we often use repetition to ensure the most important points we’re trying to convey are landing. Oftentimes, confident public speakers use selective repetition for dramatic effect. This helps them highlight key phrases or ideas that are at the core of their message.

Repetitive type design of a Frank Ocean quote

Visual communication often employs the exact same strategy. In the perpetual flow of images we scroll through on our social feeds, seeing something repeated gives us pause. It taps into the idea that if it’s worth posting more than once, it must be important.

How repetitive type design works in practice

Repetitive design is not just a single idea floating around; it seems to be part of something bigger. Intriguing, right?

According to Graphics Zoo, “by consistently repeating styles, consumers are now able to associate these repetitions to your brand because repetition is what triggers their memories to recall.”

Practice makes progress repetitive design

We’re seeing brands use this type of design strategy more and more on:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

Even physical posters incorporate repetitive designs – especially with supersized typography.

When we are faced with reading something twice, it can effectively double our chances of remembering it.

Repetitive type designs can range from:

  • Important quotes
  • An expression of your brand’s story
  • Event promotions and more
you can’t use up creativity Maya Angelou quote

Of course, simply repeating the same design again and again isn’t going to have the biggest effect. That’s just… boring. The trick is to create subtle variations -- a balance between sameness and difference.

Repetitive type design needs to be unique enough to attract our attention, but similar enough to register that it’s the same message.

Creativity is a muscle we can all grow repetitive type quote

You can express repetitive type design in social media through:

  • A series of posts
  • A small feed takeover
  • Stories
  • Carousels
  • GIFs

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Get started with help from GoDaddy Studio

If you’re ready to try repetitive type design for your own content, try using Pages in GoDaddy Studio. It makes typography a breeze and creates impactful visuals in minutes. Here are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Craft your initial poster or design, then duplicate it with the tap of a button
  2. Switch the colors to create several new versions
  3. Save them all in one go when you’re done
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Need more help? Take a look at how easy it is to use Pages in the video below. You’ll see how you can create beautiful stories, in half the time.

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