4 strategies for reseller customer retention

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Darcey Gohring

Reseller customer retention is one of the levers to a successful reseller business. In any business, a key factor to success is keeping the customers you have and, where appropriate, increasing your share of wallet with them over time. This holds true for reseller businesses as well. Since it typically requires more time and money to attract new clients than it does to acquire new ones, a strategy that focuses on reseller customer retention can pay off in a significant way.

“It’s about helping them spot unrecognized needs or opportunities."

Offer solutions to unrecognized needs

Talk to customers, ask questions and offer suggestions on ways that they can be more efficient and successful. "It’s about helping them spot unrecognized needs or opportunities. Help them identify the potential consequences of their decision or non-decision," says Scott Edinger of Edinger Consulting Group, an expert on leadership for revenue growth.

As a technology expert, there are many ways you can add value to your clients in addition to what you offer as a reseller, such as:

  • Share your knowledge as a service: Provide site maintenance, digital, and social marketing strategies.
  • Email marketing: Help your customers communicate with their customers through email outreach.
  • Service updates: Offer quarterly service reviews for e-commerce customers, for example. Provide information regarding network upgrades, backups, new security options, and general maintenance.
  • Offline options: Help customers with offline work that you can subcontract to a third party. This can include print ads, print mailings to local customers, signage, or sourcing of materials or promotional products. Become their go-to source for a host of services. If they know they can count on you, they will stick with you.
  • Security: Review customers’ sites and help them secure and protect them.

Make customer service a priority

Don’t underestimate the power of simply letting the customer know you’re there for them; make them feel like you’re part of their team. In today’s world of automated messages, this can be one of your strongest assets. A key factor to getting this right is taking a proactive approach and keeping customers in the loop.

"Try phone calls. A simple, 'Just checking in. How are things going? Anything we can do for you?' is always a good idea," says Jeff Goldberg, President and lead sales trainer of Jeff Goldberg & Associates. You can also provide this service via emails or newsletters.

As the date approaches for a customer to renew services, take the time to research and tailor suggestions to each customer’s needs. Examine if their requirements have changed or if their company has grown. What new technologies, services, or security measures are available? Make sure you clearly communicate their options, and present those options in easy-to-understand and unique packages. It is vital to do your homework.

Make sure you present your solutions to non-tech-savvy customers in a way they can connect with. If you help them choose the right solution for their business, they will remain with you.

Improve your reseller customer retention with auto-renewal

“The obvious reason that auto-renewal is important is it makes it easy for that customer to remain a customer,” says Goldberg. “Always make it easy for a customer to do business with you.”

So, with that said, you can see why auto renewal works for you, but how do you sell it to the clients? The key is to look at it from their perspective. Any time you can offer continuous smooth service with no glitches or shut downs, you can give them peace of mind. Help them see that enrolling will be a time saver. Setting up auto-renewal is a powerful service guarantee that aims to ensure their business runs like clockwork. Sweeten the renewal deal by offering longer-term options with better rates or incentives for referrals. Try not to give them a reason to contemplate making a switch.

Leverage GoDaddy’s white label support

Let customers know when they sign up with you, you have their back with dedicated support. For those who opt in, GoDaddy’s white label support is available, even when you're not. You can assure clients they are getting top-notch customer support and ensure peace of mind. (And in addition to helping customers, reps are trained to inform them and highlight the specific services, products and options you want to promote.)

When coupled with a well-thought-out reseller marketing program, these strategies can help you to grow your reseller business. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

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