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Season’s Greetings from around the world — Create seasonal social content with international flair

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We asked artists from around the globe to share what the holiday season means to them. Check out these delicious new graphic collections, and find your unique festive style. 

Who’s up for a festive tour? Even though many of us default to traditional images, colors and graphics at Christmas time, “traditional” means very different things to different people. So if you want to create some unique Christmas content this year, consider unwrapping some of the multi-cultural festive graphics we have waiting for you under the tree.

From biscuit baking to sunburnt pool parties and delectable cheese fondues, the holiday season is celebrated in diverse and wonderful ways around the world.

Hope your holiday is lit banner made in GoDaddy Studio

From Brazil, com amor

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil’s Christmas festivities happen over summer, which means hot and sunny days that give them a really tropical feel.

The country has many of the same Christmas traditions you’d find in North America, though with some differences (for a start, Secret Santa is Amigo Oculto, and Santa Claus is Papai Noel).

Illustrations for Christmas celebrations in Brazil from GoDaddy Studio
Boas Festas by Gleydson De Lima

Reflecting Brazilian culture in general, Christmas is a large family affair where everyone gets involved. For Brazilian artist Gleydson De Lima, it’s a great excuse for loved ones to come together, exchange gifts, and eat lots and lots of food.

“I was thinking specifically about my family,” says Gleydson of the festive graphics he designed. “Here in Brazil, it’s very hard to portray one unique identity because we are a continental culture.”

With this in mind, Gleydson’s creations speak to Brazil as a melting pot of cultures.

“I paid a lot of attention to representing different kinds of bodies and colors. I hope that everybody can recognize themselves in this pack.”

Overall, his graphics depict the brightness and boldness of a summery Christmas, with abundant greens and yellows reminiscent of the Brazilian flag.

Gleydson’s colorful and cheery graphics are perfect for:

  • Summer festive invites
  • Bright and bold cards
  • Tropical recipes
  • Food or beachwear brands
Christmas party invite made in GoDaddy Studio
Holiday designs by Gleydson De Lima in GoDaddy Studio

Spread the joy with Anna and a Russian Christmas

In Russia, a white Christmas with plenty of snow is a certainty. One major difference from most other countries, though, is that the actual day is celebrated on January 7 instead of December 25, as the Russian Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar for religious celebration days.

Russian Christmas illustrations in GoDaddy Studio
Russian Christmas by Anna Korosukova

Like in most parts of the world, Russian Christmas is all about family and feasting on traditional Russian food such as pickled apples and sauerkraut, meat pies and dumplings. Other traditions over this time include caroling, fortune telling and a 40-day Nativity Fast that ends on Christmas Eve.

Anna Kosorukova, a Russian artist, is known for her warm and enchanting artwork. Her festive graphic pack will carry you away to a magical white Russian Christmas where specific elements reference her Russian heritage.

For example, she depicts Ded Moroz — Grandfather Frost — the Russian counterpart to Santa Claus. While they’re similar in some ways, Ded Moroz wears a blue fur coat and mittens, and holds a staff in his hands to help him walk across snow. Also in the graphic is Snegurochka, a snow maiden said to be his granddaughter.

“All my graphic goods are made with the utmost care and pride to help you design great work,” says Anna.

Anna’s delightful graphics are great for:

  • Gift tags
  • Elegant and charming cards
  • Good girl/boy certificates (from Santa)
  • Vouchers for various kids’ brands
Illustration by Anna Korosukova for GoDaddy Studio

Season’s Greetings from the UK

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in the United Kingdom, and it’s highly visible in the festive lights that adorn the country’s towns and villages each year. Arguably the most famous display is in London’s Regent Street, where thousands of people witness the big “switch on” each November.

Nativity Plays and carols by candlelight are popular in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, which is usually a festive roast turkey lunch. This is followed by a welcome public holiday — Boxing Day — on December 26, usually spent resting and recovering from all the indulgent celebrations the day before.

Christmas illustrations by Mat Voyce for GoDaddy Studio
Merry Christmas from England by Mat Voyce

Mat Voyce is a “non-award-winning” graphic and motion designer from England. Known for his character-filled typography, animated stickers and bold illustration style, he tried his hand at some Christmas graphics, bringing in a uniquely British feel.

“I always try and give a bit more character to my graphics, especially to things like typography,” says Mat, clearly seen in the playful fonts he uses. “If it’s an image of a turkey, then chuck a face on it. Or make it look like it’s dancin’,” he says.

“It’s well and easy being able to draw a candle or a Christmas pudding, but giving it a bit more character and fun always helps.”

This is evident in his pink Christmas pudding topped with pink holly berries or the cheeky face on the bright blue Christmas candle.

Overall, he’s played around with different colors to challenge the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, but in a way that still feels light and celebratory.

Mat’s fun graphic pack is great for:

  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Bold and quirky cards
  • Instagram Story stickers
  • Streetwear brands
Christmas templates by Mat Voyce for GoDaddy Studio

Fröhliche Weihnachten from Germany

Though Christmas time in Germany is full of familiar yuletide traditions like food, family and Christmas trees, there are also certain elements that make the holiday here unique.

Designer Alana Keenan is half Irish and half German, and says that St. Nikolaus Day is one of her favorite German traditions.

One such example is represented in her graphics packs as a powder blue shoe filled with candy canes and gifts. “On the 6th of December, we leave a shoe at the door and St Nikolaus comes and puts presents in it,” says Alana. “So, you always make sure that you leave a BIG shoe!”

German Christmas illustrations by Alana Keen for GoDaddy Studio
A German Christmas by Alana Keen

Her graphics are also a nod to all the traditional German Christmas elements, such as the Adventskranz (Advent wreath) with candles on a bed of berries and Christmas ornaments.

Another big part of Christmas in Germany is the Christmas Market. Think twinkling lights in medieval squares, traditional music, gluhwein and the smell of roasted nuts filling the air — which Alana has summed up in her playful gluhwein stand.

There’s also a weihnachtsengel — Christmas angels — possibly one of Germany’s most loved Christmas ornaments that are put up all around the house including the top of the Christmas tree.

Overall, Alana’s festive style is vibrant, playful and whimsical.

“I’d love to see people use these graphics in a way that helps them feel the Christmas spirit.”

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

These cheery graphics are great for:

  • Digital vouchers
  • Cute and joyful cards
  • Customer ‘Thank You’ cards.
  • Jewelry and accessory brands
  • Family holiday cards
Gift voucher template in GoDaddy Studio

Feliz Navidad from Mexico

With around 80% of Mexicans identifying as Catholic, Christmas in Mexico is widely celebrated, and the country is filled with traditional nacimientos (nativity scenes) in homes and churches over this time.

Las Posadas (meaning “lodgings” or “shelter”) is a nine-day event that takes place from December 16-25th, symbolizing the pregnancy of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The last posada takes place on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and is followed by a late-night mass. Afterward, a traditional feast serves everything from pozole and roast turkey to tamales and bacalao.

Mexican Christmas illustrations by Luis Pinto for GoDaddy Studio
Muy Felices Fiestas by Luis Pinto

Luis Pinto is a Mexican graphic designer and illustrator whose vibrant and expressive work is influenced by folk stories, graphic novels, art history, and pop culture.

His graphics give a flamboyant Mexican spin to regular Christmas elements: the three wise men wear bold Mexican floral prints, for example, and Santa wears a sombrero.

There are also elements unique to Mexican Christmas in his collection, such as the ponche navideno (Christmas fruit punch) and the piñata.

“‘Carpe Diem’ is a phrase that is present in everything I do, and it always makes me put effort and passion on my work,” says Luis.

His expressive and colorful style is perfect for:

  • Event content
  • Bright and colorful cards
  • Playlist and single cover images
  • Food and beverage brands
Sale banner template in GoDaddy Studio

Deck the halls, with Aurelia

French culture revolves largely around food and it’s no different at Christmas time.

Le Reveillon, the traditional Christmas Eve meal, is a long and extended feast.

While the exact dishes served depend on the region, expect to enjoy delicacies like smoked salmon, oysters, foie gras, goose, turkey stuffed with chestnuts and herbed sauteed potatoes. La buche de Noel is a sponge cake decorated like a yule log and traditionally made of chocolates and chestnuts.

Christmas illustrations by Aurelia Durand for GoDaddy Studio
Mon Noël by Aurélia Durand

France — Paris in particular — also has a diverse African culture, something which French artist Aurélia Durand celebrates in her work.

“These colorful personalities present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, dreams, and desires envision an inclusive future for all,” she says.

In her bold and vivid graphics pack, she represents Afro-descendants as joyful, proud and empowered — whether it’s a bold woman in retro prints, or the all-African nativity scene.

Get inspired by Aurélia’s joyful graphics. They’re great for:

  • Digital vouchers
  • Friendsmas invitations
  • Bright and colorful cards
  • Women’s fashion, jewelry, and makeup brands
Christmas graphics from GoDaddy Studio

Don’t forget about Kwanzaa

The US celebration of Kwanzaa was started in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chairman of Africana Studies at California State University, in response to the riots in Los Angeles in 1965, as a way to bring the African American community together.

The holiday is celebrated each year from December 26 to New Year’s Day, and its name is derived from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza, meaning first fruits or harvest. Usual celebrations over this period include singing, dancing, storytelling and poetry reading.

Central to the holiday is the daily lighting of each of the seven Kwanzaa candles, each with different meanings: the black candle symbolizes the people, the three red candles are for the struggle in the past, and the three green candles represent the Earth or the abundance of possibilities the future holds.

We feature two graphics packs that capture this spirit of Kwanzaa, from a sense of community and pride in the African American community, to the spirit of togetherness that the holiday is all about.

Kwanzaa illustrations by Monica Obaga for GoDaddy Studio
Kwanzaa by Monica Obaga
Kwanzaa illustrations by Jhonny Nunez for GoDaddy Studio
Joyous Kwanzaa by Jhonny Núñez

Whether you’re wanting to create Festive Season promotions, digital greeting cards, or design a thank you post for your loyal customers, we hope this mix-up of fantastical festive content gets your creative juices flowing.

Find your festive style and start creating!

Whatever the festive season means to you, you can celebrate it your way with GoDaddy Studio. Try it out for free right now.