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Conjure success — Spellbinding strategies for revitalizing your business this fall

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Ashley Grant

There’s something so intoxicating about starting a business. It’s like we’re under a spell. Oh, all the money we’ll make. All the people we’ll help. And then, the clock strikes midnight and your business turns back into a pumpkin and the magic is gone.

It happens to the best of us. It’s certainly happened to me. Maybe it was because you lost a client (or lots of clients!). Perhaps it was a period of epic burnout. Or maybe you just felt the spark you once had with your business seemed to vanish overnight.

Can you relate?

If so, you’re in luck because I’ve been brewing up some epic strategies for revitalizing your business. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll be back under the spell of entrepreneurship once again.

Banish your small business issues

It’s not all bad, friends. Sure, there’s a lot that can stifle a business. But, you’re the boss! And that means you can brew a potent potion of change because here’s the thing: Change and innovation are as essential to business as eye of newt and wing of bat are to a witch's brew.

Customer desires shift like ghosts in the night, restless and untethered. Your business must shapeshift along with them.

Rival business owners will constantly concoct new spells to charm away your market share, but conjuring innovation helps you ride ahead of the broomstick.

Implementing improvement initiatives like automation of certain tasks or digitizing cursed old systems can significantly streamline your operations and fatten profits like a plump jack-o-lantern.

Reinvigorating your team by empowering creativity, collaboration, and group spellcasting, er, brainstorming, creates an engaged workforce with all the lively spirit of a graveyard at midnight.

If that wasn’t enough, innovation helps you look like a visionary leader, and stepping into the future allows you to set your own direction instead of merely reacting later like a headless horseman.

The companies that thrive don't fear change - they embrace it as a foundational ingredient like hemlock and hellebore. Though transformation brings growing pains, the rewards are a rich, abundant harvest. Tend innovation carefully, and it will nourish your business for years to come.

Scrying into the future - How to pivot your small business

Don’t let the cobwebs of the present keep you tied down. Let’s take a look at exactly how you can bring your business to life this fall.

Brew a truth serum

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Ask your customers. I once heard a quote that said something to the effect of, “If you want to make it in business, ask people what they want, and give it to them.” I’m sure I butchered it, but the gist of it is to ask your customers what they want and then create that ideal customer experience for them.

When AI became the number one reason that people were dropping my writing services, I had to ask people what they wanted to keep someone like me on board. I pivoted and found a way to keep serving people in a manner that they were happy to keep paying me.

Ask your clients what needs you’re not serving or undeserving and see how you can adjust course to meet those needs.

Commune with a mentor

Consult experts like business coaches and marketing gurus. With their wisdom, you’ll be able to better diagnose issues and hatch a growth strategy towards better business growth.

Now, the big and most important caveat with this bit of advice is to do your homework and trust your gut. I know a few people who have regretted pivoting on the advice of a coach or consultant. High-pressure sales tactics and people who don’t understand your business values is akin to working with snakes — a bad idea no matter how you look at it.

Ask for references, and if you feel the vibe is off, find someone else. Coaches and consultants are meant to help, not make things worse.

Stir up fresh marketing plans

Sometimes all you really need to revitalize your business is a new marketing tactic. Perhaps you could whip up an eerie email campaign with creepy subject lines. Concoct some uncanny social media posts combining classic products with trendy themes.

Here are some additional ideas for whipping up a strategic plan to breathe new life into your customer base:

  • Partner with other companies. Check out some of the posts from GoDaddy Resources about strategic partnerships:

Meditate on your obstacles

During a retreat in the forest, guided visualization activities can help re-energize your team. Roast pumpkin seeds over a fire while discussing new directions. Pull your important metrics and be honest with yourself about what needs to be done to improve. 

Or brainstorm with your team in a virtual meeting and see what new ideas are conjured. Which ever way you choose to meet with your team, try to cook up a business strategy to win over new customers.

Here are a few of the common obstacles and some possible solutions:

Lack of customer awareness

Invisibility might be desirable for ghosts, but not for small businesses. Fading into the background can mean a major slump.

Solution: Implement a frightfully effective marketing strategy. From spellbinding social media campaigns to irresistible promotional deals, make sure your target audience knows you're more treat than trick.

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Low business funds

Insufficient capital can be as daunting as a haunted mansion for small businesses keen on growth but lacking the resources.

Solution: Don't be afraid of seeking out different potions. Business loans, crowdfunding or self-funding can provide a magical boost to your financial situation. 

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Inefficient operations

Efficiencies hidden under layers of dust and cobwebs can stagnate a business.

Solution: Time to scrub clean and implement lean principles. Skeletal efficiency, reducing waste and boosting productivity will make your business rise from the grave.

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Steep market competition

Competition that is fiercer than werewolves can pose a chilling challenge.

Solution: Out-cast the competitors with a unique trick in your treat bag. Differentiate your brand through unique products or exceptional customer service. 

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Shifting market trends

Trends change faster than a fluttering bat’s flight path, which can be a scary prospect.

Solution: Investing in market research and staying clued into industry news is the silver bullet that keeps the werewolf of irrelevance at bay. 

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Bad team dynamics

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Like a mismatched monster mash, a disjointed team can bring the mood down.

Solution: Regular team-building potions, open lines of communication, and effective leadership can make a zombie team come alive. It's all a matter of raising spirits!

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Banish negativity 

It’s all about having the right mindset. How can you get there? Treat staff to relaxing massages to reduce stress. Be open to suggestions. Accept help if offered. Boosting morale lifts spirits.

Another method of getting rid of negativity is to unburden your contacts list. Clients that you don’t want to work with again, people you know will never buy, etc. Sometimes the act of digital decluttering will free up your emotional and mental bandwidth to give you new energy for moving forward.

Where do you go from here?

Silly seasonal puns aside, I know how difficult it can be to run a business. It’s tough being your own boss. The good news is though, when you take a step back and really look at how you can pivot and make simple changes, you can often fall in love with your business all over again. 

And, with a little luck, you might make more money and enjoy more freedom than you ever thought possible.

So grab your potions and pixie dust and get to work magically infusing your business with all the positive vibes for your next step. May it yield abundance and joy for you beyond measure!