Webic Studio and GoDaddy Pro: Improving customer management

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Alycia Leno

The GoDaddy Pro program was built exclusively for web designers and developers to manage all of their client portfolios with ease. With seamless account management, site monitoring and dedicated support that builds client goodwill and satisfied customers, GoDaddy Pro has helped Webic Studio increase sales and financial gain.

Webic Studio becomes a pro at providing client solutions

The vision of a digital India has been the wind beneath the wings of many entrepreneurs, including Sajal Bhatia and Sandeep Vyas. “Our dream of providing web solutions to help businesses maximize their presence on the internet took its initial shape on a ‘cold winter day’ in December of 2013,” remembers Sajal. Later, in August of 2014, the company was officially registered as Webic Studio Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Webic Studio offers web development and design, web application development, digital marketing, and technical services — such as domain name registration, SSL certificates and dedicated servers. The founders deliberately used the word “studio” in their company name to convey their understanding of their clients: artists who bring their thoughts alive through design.

In just two years, Webic Studio has seen significant growth, with a rise in its number of employees from four to 18.

This growth can be attributed to both expertise in the field, as well as the tremendous value offered to the company’s clients by using programs such as GoDaddy Pro, which has contributed to customer retention and positive word-of-mouth for Webic Studio.

When two pros get together: Webic Studio and GoDaddy

Sajal came across GoDaddy’s Pro Program while surfing the GoDaddy website for products and services. He was hooked immediately, quickly realizing the advantages that the program offers for web developers and web development companies like his. He signed up in May of 2016. Sajal says:

“With its unique features to manage our customers on a single dashboard, earn rewards by referring GoDaddy products, and access expert support, it is a boon for us in addressing our client needs.”

Our go-to tool at all times

Sajal found the process to sign up for GoDaddy’s Pro program to be a cinch and is quick to describe all the advantages:

  • With GoDaddy Pro, handling accounts is effortless.
  • It allows the management of all clients in one place via a single login, without the need for juggling between multiple passwords.
  • It also provides a comprehensive view of all products purchased for a client, be it hosting, email, SSL certificates or anything else.

“Another unique feature is ManageWP, a recent addition to the GoDaddy Pro program,” Sajal notes. ManageWP simplifies WordPress maintenance, allowing web developers to bulk-update all their WordPress sites at once, even those not hosted by GoDaddy. The ability to manage everything in one place saves Webic Studio time, allowing it to focus on other work.

“Our customers are elated since it gets them free incremental backup and other services we receive under GoDaddy Pro,” Sajal adds. He continues:

“For us, the ManageWP backup and one-click bulk updates are the most effective tools. [They] have worked magic in upping client satisfaction and retention.”

The GoDaddy Pro program also comes with pro support, i.e., access to a special direct line to that is more technical and more direct than “regular” support.

“It’s great to have support like this that fixes all issues instantly over the phone,” says Sajal.

Satisfied customers help build a strong business

With GoDaddy Pro, Webic Studio has been able to build a strong customer base who relies on support and services 24/7. There have been many times this has been necessary already. One such instance was when one of their clients accidentally changed the widgets section of their website and their site became unresponsive.

“By using the single-click restore function that is available through the Pro Program, Webic Studio was able to restore it quickly,” Sajal says.

In many instances, Webic Studio has been able to step up and solve its clients’ issues quickly, mainly because their partnership with GoDaddy Pro has helped them gain the confidence of their clients time and again.

“Being a part of the GoDaddy Pro program has been extremely beneficial for us,” Sajal says. “I cannot applaud enough the advantages of the GoDaddy Pro platform. One can use it every day, every hour, like me. I can see the future of automation in the web industry.”

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