Customer story: Modern point of sale and flexible payment solutions from GoDaddy support the growth of a multi-generational auto body business 

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Natalie Snow
Cascade Collision


Collision repair


Increased efficiency & improved customer experience

Cascade Collision Repair traces its origins back to 1978, when the current owners’ father started an auto body shop in Orem, Utah before shutting it down in 1982 due to health reasons. The four Nichols brothers who started Cascade grew up working in the industry – the youngest beginning at 15 years old. Their mom’s background, who’s also an owner and helped start Cascade, was in nursing and real estate.  

“After working in the industry for a while, the owners felt like they could produce a higher quality repair and provide better customer service, so they decided to start a shop of their own.” 

Natalie Snow, Controller/HR Manager, Cascade Collision 

Today, Cascade Collision Repair operates 8 locations throughout Utah, with the brand’s first shop opening in Lehi in January 2000. They also have a mobile glass-repair service. With more than 500 cars on-site across all shops on any given day, their efficiency-minded team delivers over 30 finished cars to their customers on a daily basis. 

Cascade Collision sticks to its original customer-first principles. Little expense is spared to create the best possible experience, which includes rental car service through Enterprise and frequent text updates. Despite that, the company places high value on competitive but fair pricing. 

They also prioritize transparency and communication. With the type of service they offer, it’s important for customers to understand the repairs that will be performed, where costs lie, and set expectations for the process.  

All this needs to happen while providing timely service to an expanding customer base which allows the business to continue to grow. 

The problem 

As Cascade Collision grew, with more and more customers drawn to their business model, the team realized their old payment processing system wasn’t going to cut it. The modern features and flexibility just weren't there. They needed the ability to accurately process various charges in a way that was easy for customers to understand, while remaining efficient for staff to use. 

There wasn’t a way to itemize transactions and the equipment was outdated. This created a lack of transparency as well as inconveniences that didn’t jive with Cascade Collision’s customer-first mindset.  

On the accounting side, their old processor’s interchange-plus rates produced expenses that were hard to predict, creating some unease when it same to anticipating what they’d be charged each month.  

“The machines we used for credit card processing before definitely made us feel like we were stuck in the early 2000s.” 

—Natalie Snow 

Overall, their old system was inefficient and delivered a customer experience that wasn't up to their standards. Cascade Collision needed a point-of-sale product that provided modern features as well as a payment processor with predictable transaction fees. 

The solution 

The hunt for a new provider was frustrating at first, but then one of the owners discovered GoDaddy at SEMA and wanted to look more into it. It seemed to have all the technology required for delivering a first-rate customer experience at an auto shop

Drastically improving in-person transactions, the GoDaddy Smart Terminal POS delivered customer-first features that displayed the amount customers owed before choosing to conveniently swipe, tap, or insert their card to make a payment.  

The dual screens also saved employees’ time, allowing them to place more focus on customers. With the ability to create various access levels, they were also allowed the flexibility to disable manual entry of a card number to avoid higher fees they’d been charged previously. Cascade could also accommodate customers who wanted to pre-pay by sending them Pay Links

"The custom pay links feature is awesome, especially because we don’t manually key in payments anymore to avoid having to pay the higher rate for those type of transactions. Now we have the ability to create and send individualized pay links to customers who want to pre-pay prior to picking up their vehicle. We can also continue to collect payments by sending pay links if a terminal were to stop working."  

—Natalie Snow 

Powered by GoDaddy Payments, their new setup also offered the lowest transaction fees compared to other leading providers — with a predictable flat rate. Ownership was eager to get started. 

With personalized onboarding and support from our Guides in Care — available 24/7/365 — Cascade Collision first implemented the GoDaddy POS systems at their Ogden shop, their newest acquisition at the time, and then rolled it out to the rest of the locations over the next few months.  

The results 

The team at Cascade Collision loves the features of a modern POS solution. Processing payments through GoDaddy helped them avoid the fluctuations and uncertainty in fees they had been incurring, giving them peace of mind.  

GoDaddy’s solutions proved to provide a much better experience for their customers. The Smart Terminal was intuitive and easy to use, and customers were able to view a breakout of all their charges. 

“The Smart Terminal is more technologically advanced than our old machines. It's easier for customers and employees to use, and I like that reporting is available online at any time.” 

—Natalie Snow 

Overall, GoDaddy delivered low, predictable fees, an experience that better aligned with the standards of Cascade Collision, and the features that would support their continued success. 

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