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DOXING and DENIAL OF SERVICE harassment via the WHOIS db using personal phone numbers.

Consider the following situation:

You suddenly get 15-30 phone calls per day of telemarketers harassing you as would expected from the public disclosure of your personal cell phone number via the WHOIS database.


Problem is the domains and company the telemarketers are asking you about is not associated with your account on GoDaddy.


What does this then mean?

After some investigation you discover that your phone number has been associated with another GoDaddy account that is NOT yours and not under your control. Now, every time that account registers a domain name YOUR phone number is "DOXED" publicly and the harassment begins.


Problem is: GoDaddy will not remove my phone number from an account  it does not belong in even after validating my identity. This is a serious issue, people are therefore able to ABUSE the GoDaddy domain registration system to harass and DOX people by disclosing phone numbers they do not own.


To the community:

Any ideas how I can get my phone number OUT of the account it does not belong in?

Consider that if GoDaddy will not tell me who the owner is & will not contact the "owner" even though my phonenumber is listed in the account.


To GoDaddy:

Please consider requiring people to validate their phone numbers using 2FA (2 factor authentication) and REMOVE phone numbers via 2FA.

The following are desperately needed, perhaps even should be LAWS:

#1- when a customer tells you that their phone number is in an account it does not belong in send that number a text message or automated phone call to confirm a REMOVAL and when they confirm then REMOVE IT. Send a notice to the email on file that a new number needs to be entered.


#2- Do NOT allow phone numbers to be placed into ANY field in GoDaddy's UAX/UAC panels without 2FA first confirming that the number is allowed to be there.


Things I have tried that failed:

Calling GoDaddy multiple times over the last few years and begging them to remove the info.

Having them search for my name, address, emails and see if the account is "mine" or "old".

Escalating to GoDaddy tech support and Manager assistance.

Trying to contact the owner of the account to contact them.

Filling out Abuse forms with GoDaddy and WhoIS.

None have removed my phone number from the account it does not belong in.

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Super User II