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how to complete a W-8BEN when seting up a payee account

I am a resident of Canada. In order to set up a payee account on GoDaddy I must complete a W-8BEN tax form from the IRS. GoDaddy provides a link to the form under "Add Payee" but no advice on what to put in Part II, item 10, specifying the "provisions of Article and paragraph" of the tax treaty between Canada and the USA. I'm also not sure what to put under "type of income" and don't know the "rate of withholding" on the type of income. I don't want submit the W-8BEN with incorrect technical information. Has anyone gone through this before?


I checked the "UNITED STATES - CANADA INCOME TAX CONVENTION " and believe what I need is covered in ARTICLE XII Royalties, paragraph 3 and 4. In that case, the withholding rate would be zero.