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DNS informations after transfer between two GoDaddy accounts



We are in the process of consolidating domains into a single GoDaddy account. Before transferring to the main account, I would like to know if dns informations are kept when transfer is performed? If not, is there a way to keep that information?




Re: DNS informations after transfer between two GoDaddy accounts

Hi @uncleben6667,


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There should be no change to the DNS when you move the domains from one account to another. The exception to this is if the original account has Premium DNS and the receiving one does not. 


Another alternative - if all products in one account are moving to another - is to merge accounts. This would simplify your consolidation. However, only our customer support agents can take this action for you after validating each account. If you wish to merge accounts, just prepare by making sure the information on the profiles on the accounts are the same (name, address, email, etc). 




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