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    301 redirects non www to www domains

    I just verified both my non www  and my www domain name in Google's search console. I probably should 301 redirect my non www to my www. In godaddy can I just point my http://domain.com to my http://www.domain.com. Godaddy shows the domains in the domain manager as domain.com without the www. I hope I am making sense.




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    Community Manager

    Hi, @bm678. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! By default, all domains have a WWW CNAME that points to '@', which is the same as pointing to the primary (@) A Record. If you want to redirect your website traffic from non-www to with www, you'll need to do that within your website hosting environment. There are a number of ways to do this depending on the type of website and hosting you have. The most common method is to use a .htaccess (Linux) or web.config (Windows) redirect. Most hosting control panels have options to let you set this up automatically. Also, if you have WordPress, it should automatically redirect based on the website URL you specify in your settings. 


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    Getting Started

    Thanks for the answer. My host is godaddy/website builder. I am able to access the .htaccess (Linux) or web.config (Windows) redirect in this builder. Thanks for following me. I called godaddy twice and the reps were not following me.

    @bm678were you able to resolve this? Godaddy GoCentral 301 redirects all www traffic to non-www for my site also. Can't seem t find a solution. Thank you

    I was never able to resolve, thanks for asking.